Thursday , June 30 2022

Tesla will soon pick you up and park yourself (as in K2000)


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Elon Musk promised a new version of its autonomous parking technology. This allows Tesla to search for its drivers automatically via the GPS position of your smartphone.

"Kit, come and take me"

Elon Musk expressed over its Twitter account about the progress Tesla o parking assisted vehicles. Technology called Smart Summon is currently capable of bringing or exporting Tesla parking space separately by pressing the corresponding button in the smartphone app connected to the vehicle.

The builder wants to go further and Elon Musk announced that in " approximately 6 weeks Tesla finds the driver and finds him in the parking lot. To do this, the vehicle will drive the GPS position of your smartphone and come to the parking lot by the side autonomous,

Be careful, Tesla will not be able to leave the parking lot and find you on the other side of the city alone. The driver must be in the field of view of the vehicle to keep track of his work.

You will not look for a place anymore, your Tesla will do it for you

Elon Musk also introduced a feature allowing Tesla to go around parking automatically find a vacancy and park it there without driver intervention. The CEO does not give a specific date for incorporating this technology, which will come until 2019.

All Tesla under 2 years of age with automatic V2 functions will be able to receive an update of the autonomous parking lot. Users will need to sign up for the "Advanced Autopilot" option.

Source: TechCrunch

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