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Test Match – Angry, Jacques Brunel (France) deals with Nigel Owens on the final scrum – Test Match 2018 – Rugby


After disappointment, lay to anger. It was Jacques Brunel's feeling on Sunday morning after re-examining some pictures of his family's cruel defeat against South Africa. The main reason for this inconvenience, the end of the match when Blues led and held the ball at the last minute before being overturned. And the coach does not want his player: "I am very angry today, we are losing a match we must never lose, even if I have something to say about some activities where the referee was honest with the South African."

A little reminder of the facts. The Blues have a smudge introduction located 5 meters from the South African goal, they seem to control the showdown, but shortly after releasing the balloon, the patatra. An effective challenge and possession of South Africa is returned to Faf de Klerk's partners. "We had to do how the players played and stay very close to each other in order to get cells out of 3. That's what was done, except perhaps in the last swing." But there is a clear error in the South Africans, which prevents us from holding hold. "

" There is a clear mistake"

For Jacques Brunel, Nigel Owens kept the Springboks duel when he did not support this action: "This scrap is crucial because we pushed it, it's very clear The referee wanted to let go because the ball went out It's the vision of things but when the static phase error is obvious it is necessary even if he had to play, in my opinion, to return to the error. First of all, our package is dominant and there is also a player who is obviously offside because "it is disconnected and prevents Mathieu Babillot from playing".

The start of the scary end of the match for the XV. France, with the unfortunate stroke of Damian Penaud, who puts the ball in contact with the South African penalty, two seconds before the end of time regulation, Stride Wenceslas Lauret on another key. And more than four minutes after the siren, the fatal balloon that blew the Blues in need. The black series that Nigel Owens could have prevented Jacques Brunell.

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