Friday , May 27 2022

The Royal "may be" a day again a presidential candidate


Paris – Former French Socialist Secretary Ségolène Royal, an unhappy presidential candidate in 2007, has recently decided to be a candidate again at the Elysee Palace, says her fight for the environment is "possible" to be "there".

When asked whether France 2 had learned in the show whether she had definitively renounced herself as President of the Republic, Mrs. Royal, aged 65, replied:I will not ask this question".

"I can tell you more precisely that fighting my life and today more than ever is a fight to protect the planet"she added.

"This can be through the Presidency of the Republic"and then asked moderator Laurent Delahousse.maybe"said Mrs Royal, for whom the environment is"a major fight today that brings together all other matches, including the security issue".

The first woman to reach the second round of presidential elections in France, Ségolène Royal in 2007, defeated his right-wing opponent, Nicolas Sarkozy.

This former companion of President François Hollande, with whom he had four children, was the Minister of the Environment from 2014 until 2017 before being appointed Ambassador to President Emmanuel Macron, who was in charge of international negotiations on Arctic and Antarctic poles,

In the European elections in May 2019, while speculating about her return to politics, Ségolène Royal reaffirmed her awareness of her decision "in January".

"If I ever commit myself, it will prevent causes similar to those mentioned earlier."she added.

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