Tuesday , January 18 2022

This Friday's follow-up animation of polygon in Trogogen


Follow Yellow Wide Dynamics in Dorgogen, this is still a lot of talk on Friday, the seventh day of mobilization .. Brabik, La Saville, Marcus or Chevier. A novel: Harvin's movement should be included.

Update status:

12:45 : Population Developer: This is located on the Holocaust Road from 12:30 to 17. on the first bazaar of this Friday. However, the price set for Saturn has been redirected to the accessibility and volunteers' accessibility of yellow-water dynamics and secular populars populars. Previously, the Christmas sale was canceled since November 17.

24:30 In Colomonyx-Chamber's Village, he announced a public meeting of "golden beads" in the Friday Judean Philippines Center, which is a place of community's cultural and cultural life. "There is no agreement to the authors in Article Agreement in this agreement," he said. This Friday evening will be accompanied by a "yellow vessel" meeting.

12:10 With Périgord vert's subtle briefcase, in nights, most of the pants should meet with the Green پیریور ایم پی جین پیئربربرفون (موڈیم / LREM) at 11am. According to herbs, it became very good with society.

The Venetian Pilot Nathan, which announces the organization in unity.

11:22 : Safe cake in those seeds due to filter demons. But the presence of only two tracks.

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Only two trillion in the tax collectors © Radio France
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11:18: From this morning, the Docking Dam on the Port De Cannes. These are about 82 pedestrians in a good natural environment

11:10 According to Dudin's decision, 25 companies came to contact with them, after the movement of golden for applying partial activities.

10:50 : Filtering Dam on Eymet in the initial cameras market

10:48 A: The smallest part of the narnes' packages is prepared by Garnerman. No effect on traffic

10:38 No: No Damage. There are ten on the Royal Hotel's Golababao

10:20: Slow is located on the starting points located next to Pegut's nights

10:19 : The filter dem also at Boulazac on Gold (please for Anneina's video)

10:15 : Harin Nigas gathered in Tahirin especially in Jahan

10:00 Before this, at the Golababun of Filters and Chancellor Rennings and Chancellor, Ireland in Marcos, but it is also in La Bachelor, where some farmers travel. Activated or not at any point in reaching to the commercial areas of Mars.

9:45 : Reduce the rails again in the desert. Here, the trailer route

Thieves Demand Radar Near Radio France
Device Reader near Thierry © Radio France
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