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Bayern: Niko Kovac let the sick Mats Hummels play against Borussia Dortmund – who made a bigger mistake?


Mats Hummels of Bayern explained after Borussia Dortmund that he was ill. Niko Kovac let him play the same way. Who made the bigger mistake?

Dortmund – Like Mats Hummels cold as a reason for unknown mistakes in Bayern in Borussia Dortmund 2: 3 (according to tz.de * crashed in the Bayern cabin enormously) led Oliver Kahn and Lothar Matthäus their ears barely. "I wonder what's going on in the players," Kahn said after a long headdress in the ZDF sports studio: "You do not have to follow and say you are sick, no one cares, nothing bad in your head."

Expert in the Matthäus found out that the defender's mission "is not necessarily understandable", especially when coach Niko Kovac knew about his coldness: "Here you have eleven players who are warriors in physical condition."

Cold Hummels mothers ruined: "Very bad"

Hummels did not say it, but he still wanted to play. "I'm upset that I did," he said later. First of all, "I did not say at half-time at the latest, it makes no sense, because everything in my head is so boring and blurry, then it's difficult to implement at such a high level in the game. , really bad. "

The performance of Hummels was mixed. 10 minutes into the game, Marco Reus had a chance to take the lead with a free kick by Manuel Neuer who easily managed to keep up with the wrong defense. 62 minutes into the match, the young Jadon Sancho was shown a free kick. "I was sure they could not keep up this pace," said Lucien Favre after the game, as wa.de says.

Niko Kovac explains the use of Mats Hummels: "It has been said that everything is fine"

Because he did not feel well enough, he asked for his replacement, said the 29-year-old. That was three minutes after Sancho. "I made two mistakes I did not have since 2010. So I said," It does not make sense anymore, not that I have one more thing and we miss it. "

It remains a question of why Kovac Hummels is still using it. He pointed to half of his problems again, the coach confirmed. "But our doctors gave him a cure, and it was said that everything was fine. I asked him," Are you sure you can play? "And he said yes, otherwise we would not send him again."

The bench was Niklas Süle – came for Mats Hummels

The question now is: Who made the biggest mistake? Mats Hummels because he simply did not want to realize he was on the mission and insisted on being used? Or did Niko Kovac, who did not realize that Hummels in this state would not be the usual support of the team, at least from the beginning? Finally on the bench that played a very strong season was the potter Niklas Süle. By the way, she is curious: When Hummel's substitution, Bavaria still with 2: 1.

Vortex was also in the booths because FC Bayern bosses were bosses FC Bayern on the BVB fans' exhilaration matches that were exhausted with beer, as stated by tz.de *.

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