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Covid-19What is still known about Corona virus infection and its potential?

Blood samples can be tested for antibiotics against the new corona virus. (Photo Alliance / Marjan Marat / DPE)

Recently, there have been numerous reports of individuals being infected with the new Corona virus for the second time. What does this say about immune and vaccine detection?

What is known about re-infection with the corona virus?

Ever since the new Corona virus is circulating around the world, it has been wondering if anyone and who can recover Covid-19 after a coronary infection – an important question is also considering vaccine needs. As early as spring, some cases have been uncovered in which the corona virus can be re-detected after a few weeks of negative testing. In such cases, researchers understand different scenarios: the virus could remain in the body and the disease re-fluctuated – or these experiments were misleading because dead viral material was detected.

Now there are reports from some patients – for example Belgium, the Netherlands, the USA, Ecuador and Hong Kong – who carry the virus weeks and months after being ill with SARS-KV-2. They are certainly alive again: as the virologist and Dutch government consultant, Marian Kopmans, has declared, the genetic code for a Dutch patient is very different from the first infection in one type of virus fingerprint. It first spoke out against the fatigue of the disease, he said on Dutch radio.

Genetic fingerprint changes

Another genetic fingerprint was also found in a recently ill patient from Belgium. She was ill again three months after the first illness. Some time ago, the University of Hong Kong talked about a person who was sick again after four and seven months and four months – different virus infections than the initial infection. It was with one man in Nevada and one Ecuadorian, As reported by researchers from both countries.

How will the restoration work?

At present, there are no research results on it, as only 3 cases of these recurrent infections have been validly documented. In the case of a Hong Kong man, it is unknown whether, according to the university, he showed no symptoms with the second infection. In the case of a patient in Belgium, virologist Mark van Runst speaks of the symptoms. In the Netherlands it is about an elderly patient with a weakened immune system; details of course of the disease are not known. It may be that the course is as simple as at least one other infection – or that you are no longer mouth-to-mouth, complainant Carsten W ،rtzel, German secretary for Germany’s Prospects

Individual cases from the US and Ecuador currently speak out against this. The 25-year-old American was initially tested positive for SARS-KV-2 in mid-April following mild diarrhea and diarrhea. At the end of May he was tested again positively – this time with fever, headache and chicken, and he suffered from time to time. The man from Ecuador had only mild symptoms when he first became infected in May, and the disease was moderately severe in August.

How Long Are You After Potential for Corona Infection?

This question is not yet in the big answer. The DLF program “Research News” reports on new studies by Harvard Medical School and the University of Toronto, which focus on antibodies against the Coron virus. More than 300 affected people were screened for studies. Conclusion: Antibodies were found in the blood and saliva of the majority of affected individuals. Researchers found the highest amount of antibodies in patients was found two to four weeks after the test. The amount of antibodies is then reduced.

After three months, antibodies were still present in almost all infected people, and some less than six months later.
However, it is difficult to get answers to the questions of whether immune is protective and how long it lasts. Because in addition to antibodies, other factors, such as the general strength of the immune system, which vary from person to person, play an important role in protecting against pathogens. Still, it is possible that the duration of force advocacy reaches from one individual to another, as the Robert Koch Institute says.

There are no antibodies in proven infected people

The natural immune response is made even more difficult by the fact that in some people it has been proven that one of their patients is proven, no antibody will be found, as revealed by a University Hospital research. In the former Corona quarantine town of Neustadt am Rennsteig, antibodies against pathogens could not be infected earlier today. A study by the Lubbock Health Department also concluded that only 70% of the affected antibodies were manufactured, while 30% did not.

What role do the three supporting families play in defense?

But it’s not just antibodies that fight an infection. The helper cells of the ET also play an important role, as they can remember over the years that have successfully fought the body. However, tests on these immune cells are more complex than antibiotic tests, as stated by Gerard Krause Deutschlandfunk from the Hermodotts Center for Infection Research.

In another study, researchers at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm tested the blood samples of 2,000 people in the Swedish capital city of Sweden for evidence of T-cell immunity on serial Kof-2. That’s because some people didn’t have antibodies, but still have TB immune – know – especially the people who had very few or completely intoxicating symptoms. The original percentage of people who have already suffered corona infection and are rarely immune, therefore may be more than antibody studies suggest. He was also contacted about prior education.

What does this mean for vaccine development?

According to our research department, when an immune response is noted in vaccination studies, it refers to the production of antibodies. It is unclear to what extent this amount is obtained and how long it lasts. In addition, it is still clear for the vaccine at the University of Oxford that the vaccine will also produce an appropriate T-memory cell – but this may be related to long-term immunity. The DLF editorial team has collected information on the state of vaccine research here.

What are the Benefits of Plasma Treatment with Antibodies?

In the USA, the treatment of 19 plasma COD victims from patients who have already been cured is now allowed with emergency permission. Blood plasma contains antibodies that should help the sick – a process that has been in practice for centuries. There are currently indications regarding COD-19 that critically ill patients survive when administered with antibodies without plasma. The results are unclear, as patients receive more medication than plasma. Therefore, a formal approval for treatment is still pending in the United States. Criticism has accused US President Trump of initiating an emergency clearance because of the presidential election campaign.

DLF science journalist Walcott Willeroth has collected more information about the new Corona virus organism here.

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