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Frankfurt / DusseldorfAlso on Tuesday, the mood of investors' stocks in Germany remains limited. After small encouraging news from Asian stock markets, the German Dax index on Tuesday morning is more than one percent lower than Monday's closing and 11,107 points.

Analysts do not exclude that the German Leading Index could disrupt a psychologically significant mark of 11,000 points over the course of the day. Euro Stoxx 50 lost one percent to 3132 jobs. "The network of negative news and risk factors is currently too close," said market analyst Milan Cutkovič from AxiTrader.

Investors are still worried about the numerous political uncertainties in Europe and the world. In addition to an increasingly smoldering trade dispute between the US and China, investors are leaving a budget conflict between the EU and its member country, Italy, which hit the waves on Tuesday. Italian Deputy Prime Minister Luigi Di Maio called on the Commission for more flexibility in negotiations.

For fear of escalation, investors have stripped Italian bonds from bond accounts. The returns of the ten-year title went back to four and a half weeks. At the same time, the finances fell on his knees. The index of Italian banks fell to the lowest level in two years.

Investors are also tracking developments in the UK. There, Prime Minister Tereza May has averted all attempts to revolutionize her opponents. But it is still unclear whether it is still possible to sign 48 signatures for a vote of mistrust against the British Prime Minister. Monday evening, members of the North American Democratic Union sent a warning shot and abstained in a parliamentary vote against Mays.

Investors should also be interested in announcing that the US current account deficit will rise this year, despite the impunity of President Donald Trump. According to a study by the research institute, ifo is estimated at $ 464 billion, equivalent to 2.5% of GDP. In 2017 it was $ 449 billion. All current trade in goods and services flows abroad as well as foreign aid and foreign assets.

The euro was able to keep its profits the day before on Tuesday. In the morning, the common currency cost $ 1.1450, roughly the same as the previous night. The European Central Bank (ECB) has set a reference rate of 1.1427 USD on Monday afternoon.

At the beginning of the week, only some of the economic data that could affect exchange rates are released on Tuesday. However, there are some speeches of large central bankers. Bundesbank Chief Jens Weidmann will speak in Germany. In the United Kingdom, Federal Reserve Chairman Mark Carney and Chief Economist Andrew Haldane Bank of England speak with the Parliament.

Bitcoin is also on the run. Kryptoobchod was the opposite on Tuesday morning and traded below $ 5,000 to $ 4,638, according to the Coinmarketcap trading platform. The background may be a technical change to the currency of your computer.

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German Bank: Deutsche Bank shares hit a record level. They lose 3.6 percent to 8.25 euros and are one of the weakest stocks in Dax. The trader points to the involvement of the institute in the Danish Danish Bank scandal of money laundering.

BASF: Martin Brudermüller, head of the chemical giant of Ludwigshafen, has some plans. It wants to expand its business in Asia and give the company a new dynamic with new products. Investors have not paid for it yet. Shares on Tuesday morning fell by 2.5 percent. To grow faster, the company wants to simplify structures and processes and increase its portfolio. By 2025, sales of approximately € 22 billion will be generated from products that make a significant contribution to sustainability. The operating result before special items (Ebitda) is expected to increase by three to five percent per year.

Porsche SE: VW's main shareholder has increased the consolidated result in the first three quarters by 25 percent to 2.7 billion euros. All year, the holding company expects a net profit of up to € 3.5 billion. In mid-October, the company lowered its forecast, partly due to special factors in the Volkswagen group, such as fines for VW and Audi in connection with the diesel scandal of 900 million euros. Shares lost 1.7 percent to the closing price on Monday night.

Wirecard: Less than seven percent minus Wirecard investor list on Tuesday. On Tuesday morning, the payment processor issued its improved earnings forecast for the year 2019. Investors, however, suspended the stock event. It is minus 5.5 percent on Tuesday morning. The Board of Directors expects the operating result (Ebitda) between EUR 740 and 800 million. For the current year, management has already frustrated its goals and now expects Ebitto to amount to between 550 and 570 million euros.

Renault-Nissan: The arrest of Renault's Nissan Chief Carlos Ghosn for alleged violations of stock exchange regulations also exerts pressure on subscriptions on the Japanese stock exchange. The Nissan title lost some good six percent on Tuesday. Car manufacturer Mitsubishi Motors, whose president is Ghosn, lost seven percent. Following the announcement of Ghosns Renault's arrest on the Paris Stock Exchange, it has temporarily dropped by 15 percent and thus to the lowest level in more than four years.

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The French bank Société Générale lowered the price target for Siemens by quarterly figures from 125 to 112 euros and left the rating on Hold. Analyst Alasdair Leslie lowered his estimates for e-business in response to the study's results on Monday. It justified a new price target, but mainly with lower industry awards. Although inventory has room for improvement, additional prices are still nine to twelve months

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