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Strike on Important Trouble: On the "Cold Friday" service service, the United States has attacked the US Open Online Deal at the US. In Bad Hersfeld. The MDMS has also sponsored employees in Spain, as well as in Britain and France. Here, Friday's environmental environmental experts were also killed in front of Pierce's MDM's doctoralist to monitor the use of air and environmental caution. The black Friday clearly shows different groups on the scene.

Want to use a discounted day to give more insight in Germany. The strike started with night shift and lasted for the last 24 hours, on the Friday night of the night. The strike was started on the strike. Verdi wants to make sure MMD jobs are played according to retail curriculum conditions. The MMS rejects it and is based on the restoration of the registry industry.

On the American-based shopping day, "Kara Juma" is considered as the beginning of the Christmas shopping season. Verdi said: "Now it's the end of the year, the most powerful times for the job, add hours." As employees would have been given special considerations on such a day, the trade union said Machitadel Medical. The MMA should face the mandatory responsibility

However, MDs, themselves, make their customers happy that there is no impact on the strike. He said that the work will continue to work like big business plans, users are not affected by the strike. The criticism service rejected the unavailable company.

"Our many jobs have been with us for many years, which proves that we are a good and trusted employer," An online retailer said. MD proves "Every day you have a fair and responsible hacker than a social agreement".

Association EMD is fighting for yearsJobs are paid for retail and mail order by default, not only by M.M.E. practice, at the regional rate of regional industry. In addition, the union employees' employment expenditures were equally aligned with the coalition's reasons. For example, the proposed "bowl Friday" offers a lot of breaks, which will get more rewards than traffic-restricted companies.

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The difficulty of MD data is often the first "thunderstorm."

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The MDX again on the other hand again reiterated that the company has been paid in its logistics center. "In Germany, the job will start at least 10.78 euros a yearly pay per hour," the company said. "After 24 months, the average per day of the month is 2,397 million, which includes bonuses related to performance." Additionally additional charge charges, shareholders and other additional benefits such as employee training increase.

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