Wednesday , July 6 2022

Soccer: Change to Schalke – Tedesco "Never forget the millimeter"


In the Champions League at Echtefinalkurs, in Bundesliga with condensed demand. After a 2-0 victory over Galatasaray, coach Schalke Domenico Tedesco looks ahead. In Frankfurt, goalkeeper Ralf Fährmann returns to the finish.

First, a warm hug with coach Fatih Terrim, then a friendly pat for the player: After weeks of doubts and public criticism, Domenico Tedesco is also feeling a major change in mood.

"In some situations, it's easy, we're on the right track, we've won a couple of games, and that gives us a wider chest," said coach FC Schalke 04 after a 2-0 victory over Galatasaray 1-0 (1-0).

Due to Guido Burgstalle's skillful 4th minute victory 2-0 Mark Uthem (57th), the Bundesliga club opened the doors to the Champions League. Already in two weeks in FC Porto, who leads group D with ten points, Revierclub (8) could make a perfect entry into the elimination round. If Istanbul (4) does not win against the already excluded Lokomotiv Moscow team, Revierclub can even afford defeat in Portugal. "We have a very good chance now, we do not go to Porto to lose," said sports director Christian Heidel.

"We want to close the bag in Port," said Uth, who was delighted three days after his first goal for Schalke in a 3-1 game against Hannover 96 as Burgstaller for his first goal in the front row. "The target against Hanover was perhaps something like an opening can for me, for me and for the team things can be done like this," Uth stressed. The 27-year-old striker, after an initial strangulation, begins to use his new role Wednesday. "I have a game in front of me and I can create something. If it works and I'm also dangerous for leadership, it's good."

After the bad start of the season with five bankruptcies, the Bundesliga 14th is better and better. To make Tedesco increase in success, he last practiced on small hockey goals, he found. It seems that the training was also fruitful for the never-tired Burgstaller, who scored the goalkeeper's goal after Fernando Musler's shot from the goal and from a sharp angle. "A typical Burg gate," Uth said. And Tedesco praised: "It makes him really strong, these are the fruits of his perseverance."

Heidel appreciated the "spirit of this team". There was never a lack of mentality. "But now courage and self-confidence are added," he said after just one defeat in the last nine matches. He warned, however, that he warned early on Sunday (6pm / Heaven) at Eintracht Frankfurt. "The biggest mistake would be to say: we are going there now and it works the same way, and it's a little looser, but we have to go on working to get down to the Bundesliga, because we're still running after the music.

Tedesco agreed with Heideel: "We can not release a millimeter, otherwise you do not have a chance in the league, it's a blink of an eye that determines victory or defeat." Surprisingly early, the 33-year-old revealed that in Frankfurt, regular goalkeeper Ralf Fährmann returns to the net after six breaks of matches due to an adductor injury.

Although he was well represented by Alexander Nübel. "He did a great job," Tedesco said. "But Ralle is our number one and our captain will play, it is clearly communicated." The U-21 goalkeeper accepts the decision without a complaint: "Sure, every player is sad when sitting on the bench, but if Ralf is okay, stand in your back. "

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