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Stern Television Ritter: Son must go to jail for a disgusting act


Köthen –

The Ritter family of Köthen has, in the meantime, become doubtful not only in Saxony-Anhalt. Since 1994, Stern TV has regularly reported a cooperative, which does not mean that it has the right slant. Again and again, the Ritter family has problems with the judiciary (read more here). This time one of the sons had to appear in court.

Four hearings were summed up: racketeering, law enforcement officers, wheelchair theft, and mismanagement.

The last two crimes could not be proved until the mid-1930s, which already contained 13 records in the Federal Central Register. The Public Prosecutor requested the termination of the proceedings. So there were rabbits and a threat there.

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Ritter's son says they killed rabbits and threatened police officers

In November last year, the accused and his family attacked the Saubörnchen distribution garden and stole three rabbits. It turned out that it was a disadvantage that he did not inform his mother. Because she called the police because rabbits who probably stole their sons walked in Augustenstrasse's apartment.

When the clerks arrived, the defendant had already slaughtered the rabbit. He admitted this act and relieved the alleged accomplices. "I was alone in the plant," said Ritter, who believed the judge and prosecutor to be.

The police commander testifies against Ritter

Unlike his version, which was a threat to police officers. As the Mitteldeutsche Zeitung said, the public order office asked the police to reinforce it on 6 February this year, because Augustenstrasse needed to be verified.

When the clerks arrived, loud music leaped from the defendant's room. "I asked him twice to recall the system so we could do our job," said the police master, the witnesses.

The accused must be imprisoned for 15 months

When Ritter failed to comply with the request, the police officer grabbed the mobile phone with which the system was supposed to be regulated. Before the officer could catch the device, the defendant pulled a telescopic baton behind him and shouted, "I will beat this thing over my ears!"

The defendant denied it. "I said, before you pull the device out of me, break it." No one believed it. At that time he was drunk and only one of his brothers could restrain him.

The judge remains tough

At present, Judge Susanne Vogelsang has taken full action. She showed consistency in the preliminary proceedings, and the defendant sent to JVA Burg, "because there is a risk that she will not show up and we would eventually want to deal with him in a sober state," she said. This proved to be a wise decision, "because the accused has been very confident compared to the past."

At the end of the sentence, however, he will continue to go to jail: for 15 months. The eight-month rape trial of the rabbits was surprisingly higher than the lawsuit against the police in seven. "Probation is beyond question, it's just too many crimes," the judge said.

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