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ZDF documentary shows “addicts in senses” amazing scenes


Singing and dancing in the rain?  No problem for Helen Fisher.

Singing and dancing in the rain? No problem for Helen Fisher.

Image: ZDF screenshot

The new Helen Fisher album “Fury” has been on the market since October 15, but the singer is still a bonus for her fans: Saturday evening at 9.45 pm, which is as simple as it sounds: 37 years old. The old TV performs many songs from Camryn’s recordings, though there is also a peek-a-boo look.

“I’ve never shown myself so personal,” Helen initially declared. Shortly afterwards, she rehearses a choreography, and the perfectionism immediately unfolds: she admits that she hates it when she doesn’t do anything while dancing.

Helen Fisher removes clutches with “fury.”

Different songs on “Fury” cover different topics: “The first of your kind” gives a feminist message, while “When We Wake Up” shows that the actor is also a political man and a united society. Want to “We are in a society in which women still have to fight for their place.”, Helen Fisher indicates, for example. Wherever he does, she does it with a KD clutch whose hits are always level, and says:

“My behavior is very good and I want to say that to the outside world too.

for the "Intoxication of senses" Helen Fisher shows herself in a hu-wearer outfit with body.

For the “sensual addict,” Helen Fisher shows herself in a g-worn outfit with a body.

Image: ZDF screenshot

Death is also a theme on their new album, precise and explicitly in the song “Luftballon” – while shooting some executives. The artist explains her message: “I really hope so, you can even approach the subject of death as you drag yourself into a dark valley or you say: ‘Yep. , I was there A wonderful time with this man, and he is no longer. But he is not completely exhausted, his energy can still be felt today.

But of course the “Fury” pieces are mostly about heartbreak and love: Helen Fisher dedicates her ex-boyfriend Florian Silberrien to “Full Speed ​​Ahead”, while “Hands in the Heath” is about her current love for Thomas. Seattle – Originally as expected. Both songs were presented for the best in music film.

“Hand in Hand” covers emotions and frustrations, as well as the fact that not everything is “predetermined by fate.” And y: “To know that the person for whom I’m singing this song is in the room, makes a lot of sense to me. In the meantime, the camera catches a kiss from Helen and Thomas – she occasionally gives such a private glimpse.

Helene Fischer and Thomas Seitel share a fun moment on set.

Helene Fischer and Thomas Seitel share a fun moment on set.

Image: ZDF screenshot

Helen Fisher gives everything a breakthrough

In terms of physical performance, “Love is a Dance”, Helen’s perfection comes again. He has huge demands on himself and his team, the singer confirms, before executive producer Florian Wilder went into details: “In fact, we’ve been working here for five hours in rooms that are sometimes 60 ° C. There are, where probably everyone would be. The unconscious. “

Director Russell Thomas also plays his greatest respect. “I don’t understand how she’s able to get so much out of herself,” he says by definition. For the superstar, however, this is clearly a case in point. “I don’t mind sweating and exercising hard,” the expectant mother assures the audience. She also loves that extra “extra mile”.

Proof of this is then provided “when everything goes crazy” like the bucket when the rains start and Helen Ron goes dirty with her hair. “I don’t care about the rain.

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