Tuesday , October 4 2022

Deny Kotzi Burned: I have never said that Soros finances the government of POLITICS


His own version of what you surrender to Foreign Minister N. Kotzias has accused him of having told the ministry's cabinet in Soros last week that Mr. Kaminis gave it in response to the relevant parliamentary question, Yiannis Kefalogiannis.

The Minister of Defense says he never told the government that the government had received money from Soros, but admitted that he had turned to this entrepreneur "in connection with the foreign ministry's co-operation with a visa issuer that has nothing to do with the government."

In detail, answer Panos Kammena:

"In reply to the relevant question put by Giannis Kefaloyiannis on" Mr Kotzias' complaints about your alleged statement in the recent Cabinet of Ministers on government bribes "I know that because I notice that scenarios based on new democracy and PASOK after Yann Papantoniou's detention of for obvious reasons of public opinion, now have the form of parliamentary scrutiny that I want to repeat and make clear that I have never mentioned that the government has received money from T. Sorosse.

On the contrary, I turned to this person in connection with the cooperation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs with the publishing company, which has nothing to do with the government.

In addition, I refer you to the statements of the Ministers of the Council of Ministers and, at the same time, I remind you that all ministerial councils are also subject to the relevant registration.

Finally, I think the case is over and I will not continue the efforts of some people to create science-fiction scenarios about my specific news. "

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