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Greek way to get a really good revenue picture in the seven months of 2019

Direct budget performance increased the government's argument in 7 months in favor of a tax break next year, in view of the 2020 budget transfer agencies.

The budget for the 7-month January-July budget is implemented as figures show that the income and additional support threshold has been increased, giving more fragrance a base surplus of 3.5% of this year's DPD Could reach At the same time, good electricity efficiency in 7 months increased the government's argument in favor of tax relief next year, in view of the September 20, 2020, budget negotiations with institutions.

According to data from the Budget Process, net revenue over a 7-month period would be $ 28.2605 billion, against the target of $ 26.455 billion, or 8.1%. Most importantly, the tax revenue was more than $ 534 million ($ 25,158 billion versus $ 26,248 billion).

Specifically, in July, the total net revenues for the state budget increased by 209 MMRO against the monthly target for the negative period in June, according to data from the Ministry of Finance.
In fact, over the first ten days of August, revenues in excess of 100 million euros were foreseen.

In other words, the 7-month revenue was mainly raised by the expansion of the Athens International Airport contract, which is due to the $ 1.18 (excluding VAT) surplus that was actually collected in 2018 as the primary surplus program. , And $ 644 million received by the NFF in May 2019, which was not in the 2019 budget. Under negotiation).

State budget spending, on the other hand, has fallen below target. Specifically, the expenditure was 30,456 billion euros, of which the target was 31,083, a decrease of 627 million euros. However, compared to last year, they have increased (around EUR 1.4 billion). The target is a low-cost, $ 189 million low-interest interest payment, a payment of $ 163 million of PFA and a small hand payment of X277 million, which has no direct effect on the budget. General Chat Chat Lounge

Sure, the previous government's 13th pension has a 971 million euro burden, but the budget shows that for 982 million euros, retirement grants, it doesn't need to. Therefore, spending on pensions seems to be over.

Thus, according to the implementation of the revised cash-based state budget balance, a deficit of 1.851 billion euros was observed, a target of 4.68 billion euros, which was less than the euro 2.7777 billion. The state budget deficit was less than seven months of 2018 (about $ 300 million).

The main result was an additional $ 1.779 billion, a target of AE803 million on the deficit and an additional $ 926 million in 2018 over the same period.

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