Thursday , January 21 2021

J2US: The Glamorous Appearance of All Couples and Reaction in Departure!

J2US: The Glamorous Show Company once again gets its nod for Saturday night.

With Justin’s Special Company of 2, we were once again happy and having fun over the weekend.

Often Jonathan presented himself at the best of the stage, the judges commented and opened us many times, Nicos Coclonos once again giving us a good dose of the good old days of Greek television, a charming scene and unique surprises.

The Presenter, along with the company joined the stage of unique chemistry, Despina Wanda, Maria Bakademo, Wikipropolo and Stomatas Fasoli, J2US, 12 professional singers and 12 celebrities from many different locations, who joined forces. Surprised!

As always, Laura Kariyaku was waiting for them in the room.

Watch Jonathan’s presentation at tonight’s show:

Take a look below for a wonderful interpretation of the desert:

Donnosis Passa and Gogo Tsampa sing to me flaily

Natasha Kilgrady and Nicholas Ratpax rocked the prison house

Eurydice Vilvani and Elias Bertoz would sing

Perdina Horazio and Christos Holliday interpreted my law

Guinness Aeditakis and Zuzu Saponodzaki Melissa Do.

Alexandra Curtisati and George Dalkeis singled out Deja Jeja

Zoe Demetrico and Lefarious Panthers became Carmel Dye

Antonis Loudaros and Penny Baltatzi songs I made you God

Zenia Bonatasso and Vanguilles Cucuridius came singing I Want You, Me

Nassos Papergopoulos and Josephine sing on appropriate terms

Katrina Zarifi and Anastasio Rumz sing and grandpa sing

Tyrfonas Samaras and Effie Surrey were singing Sultana Fufu

But which pair gave the glamor show?

Watch the video below with the announcement of the couple:

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