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Lockdown: Restrictions expire after 6 months – Send SMS, free travel and travel

There are a few hours left until the exit of the second Lockdown, which began on November 7 and lasted six months.

Greece, with Ely vaccination and self-tests, says goodbye to restriction memories from Friday morning until 6 a.m. and enters those days that are remotely reminiscent of reality.

Text messages for traffic, as well as appointments for markets, will be in the past, with traffic restrictions starting at 00:30, while travel outside prefectures will be continued.

Next week, in addition, marks the launch of other activities as the government has decided to open the country wide, so that tourism can be easily opened.

Despite the government’s difficult yet epidemiological picture, the decision to return to normality weighs several factors.

According to the evidence, the country’s viral load has not been reduced yet, but now with the increase of vaccination, population immunity is on the rise, while tests are now thousands compared to the same period last year.

What will be friday

From Friday morning:

  • For our trips are sent to 13033 and SMS to 13032.
  • Freedom is granted with international movements.
  • The free opening hour is extended to 00:30. In response, restaurant opening hours will be extended, which will close hours before the restriction.

How will retail work?

Click-In and Click-Through can also be removed and combined with the Retailer’s operational capability protocol:

  • The number of customers within retail stores will depend on the SMS. Of the store
  • Maximum number allowed within shops: One (1) customer for every 25 sms.
  • The maximum allowable number of shopping malls, within the general areas of the discounted villages, is as follows: Each user has a GBP of 1441 / 10.04.21 per 10 sqm. Rule of Point 25 of Part 1B of 1B.
  • Customers check out within 2 meters of waiting times.

Travel from the Green Pass to the island

Some of the key restrictions that have been removed include travel abroad. The restriction was lifted Friday, with certain conditions that would apply to travel to the island, for which the Greek version of the “Green Certificate” would apply.

The Green Pass enters our lives and will probably last for a long time.

The following is one of those that want to arrive on the island destination:

  • Certificate of Vacation 14 days after the D-Day
  • Negative molecular test (PCR) 72 hours, or rapid test, or self test 24 hours
  • Certificate of Illness for two months sick and nine months.

Certificate checks will be performed by both airlines and shipping companies, while all passengers aged 5 years and above are listed above. Safe tests will be announced on the platform, while the PLF will be valid for incoming tourists.

However, for those who choose islands, such as Lafayette, Salmina and Ayia, they do not need a certificate that will apply to the rest.

Land travel is easy

It’s worth remembering that land travel will be easier, as they will be done without a duty for self-test, although some, however, are recommended for travelers.

Demands prudence and attention

Any openings have been made on the condition that observations of immunization be continued, as scientists warn that viral load remains abundant in the community, although no exception has been obtained through immunization.

Experts note that we should not misunderstand the message and think that the epidemic has ended because the activity has begun. Remember that we must be careful not to overlook obstacles.

The next step

  • Kindergartens open on May 17th
  • Summer cinemas re-open on May 21st
  • Cultural shows and auditions open on May 28
  • The Green Pass + and the sampling system will be valid for tourism beginning June 1.
  • From June, weddings and baptisms will come out with over 100 people.
  • Finally, throughout May, live music will be banned at the restaurant.

To shelter the conflicts

Simultaneously with the lifting of sanctions and the opening of tours, the company has been implementing the goal of universal and complete vaccination of permanent residents of “Blue Freedom” Ekins, until the end of June, to June. Welcome to this summer with security.

“Blue Freedom” refers to the general vaccination of all residents over the age of 18 on our 19 major islands – with the exception of Courts, where more than 700,000 of our citizens live.

The Johnson & Johnson single drug vaccine will be used.

Vaccinations have been completed on 32 islands and another 36 by the end of May.

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