Sunday , August 14 2022

Revelation Kotzia: Diplomats give visas to unaccompanied children – News – news


In his appearance that during his term of office the Minister of Foreign Affairs has referred dozens of cases of illegal visa issuance for unaccompanied children – where also Greek diplomats participated – was advanced by former Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias.

During a conversation at the ESIEA office, Mr Kotzias said that "the visa for unaccompanied children involves organ trafficking, and on this basis does not take any weight into account because he knows he has helped save some souls."

I do not agree, he added, we did not do anything. "And 93 cases I sent a prosecutor for breaking the Code of Criminal Procedure and some diplomats who went to jail because they were attending unaccompanied children Do you know what the visa means for unaccompanied children What does organ trafficking mean And I just saved some souls, rather quietly, when their life ends. "

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