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Test with thymus, fight against brain drain


Just a few hours before the court, Chief Executive Officer Nikos Dradakis, Beat against Thimios Lyberopoulos, Taxi Club President, describes his experience and what is happening in the country, rather with the colors of pessimism. "I'm a pessimist, I need to do a lot of things and I do not see accelerators," he said in the Capital + Vision second-day activities panel.

Speaking at the Reporter conference at a conference, he said on Thursday he was suing a request for a refund of 260,000 euros for what Thimios Lyberopoulos recently released against a company founded by Nikos Drandakis in 2011.

It should be noted that the compensation applied by Beat (even if it was granted a loan for the purchase of motor vehicles for people with mobility problems) is related to what Mr Lyberopoulos said is "fake and derogatory" for:

– tax evasion

– lack of clear legal status in Greece

– illegal operation without complying with taxi rules

– maintaining coastal areas on coastal islands where the company's revenues from the Beat activity are in our country.

"After so many years of tax evasion and thieves, I can not stand it," said Mr. Drandakis, adding that "market control is a question. There is a group that considers their industry to be one."

Attract staff from abroad

At the same time, it is a month ago a hard union that, as Mr Drandakis said, "did not expect him to have the power to appeal as a witness to the ministers", he is trying to organize and implement a relocation package in Greece.

"We have about 200 developers and we have 90. We can not find them, we want hands and they do not exist, those who are at the top are gone, those who stayed are rare, we do not have competition from google, facebook, uber, etc. Still, we will not be able to find the workers we need, "he says, adding to Mr. Drandakis:

"We have a relocation package and we are trying to get them back, we have, but we still have a way." The market is very shallow, "he stresses.

Awaiting an explosion

In general, however, Nikos Drandakis does not exclude "growth" in the economy, even though the market in Greece is small. "Turning to Athens, however, is 5% of the total, and here we are the greatest power. It can not be such a big company," he says, describing the next step in Europe, which is opening a Amsterdam hub "not because we want it, the world is not enough, "he points out.

As for BEAT, he points out that there are 8 000 drivers available in Athens, underlining that Latin America is the main activity. "Daimler wanted expansion in Greece and then saw Peru, where we were four, and there is a bigger opportunity in South America." As there are emotional reasons and we have a legal dispute, we wanted to support the company in Athens, so I made Daimler a condition not to leave Greece to the Mytaxi umbrella. "In South America, as reported on, the company has been present for seven years in Brazil, where it faces harsh competition and its stock declines. However, Peru, where he has a presence for 4 years. a very interesting market with a particular development appears unlike Athens, which remains stable. It should be noted that BEAT employs a total of 400 staff, half of whom are in Athens.

George Alexakis

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