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[تانگ يو کپ]Shi Yuichi retired after the last 1 point and was termed “shameful” Chinese women’s team defeated Japan obtained Yuba Kapin Yihar


[ٽلو نيوز]The Tangi Cup badminton tournament in Denmark was won between China and Japan on the Broken N (16th)! Chinese men’s team defeated Japan 3-1 in the final and Indonesia competed for the Thames Cup. Anyway, Shi Yu Tao fought a fight against Tian Kanto because of the lack of games on them .. As for the Chinese women’s team, they won three consecutive cities after defeating Tokyo Olympic women’s singles gold medalist Chen Yufei, Japan. Defeated the overall score of 3-1, and then won the Yuba Cup five years later.

China and Japan meet in Top 4 of the Thomas Cup In the first singles, Shi Yuki and Mammoto Kintu met on a narrow road. In the first game, the sides did not fight to the 20th and 20th. In the end, Mammota won the “Dayu Shi” 22:20. During the round, Shi Yuichi clearly couldn’t stay up and started to back away. Shi Yuki suddenly retired. Many referees asked Yra a “true is this true?” Want to retire? Do you need a doctor to come to you for treatment? The referee announced that Shi Yuki will be retiring. This “strange” retirement caused great controversy. Shi-yuki said after the game, “Standing 20 points means I don’t miss out.” As a result, many fans were posted on the Internet. The message was: “Accept and lose half?” “Retirement is not shameful. He was retired at the time, “W!” But it is a shame to retire that way!

Even though Shi Yuichi lost, he defeated Watanabe Utah / Hawkeye Takuro 2: 1 in the Jetsing / Zhou Haidong Men’s Doubles to equalize Guo, and then Shu Lee in the singles and the same in the men’s doubles. With Cheng / Wang Yale. The Chinese team, which is trying to defend the title, defeated the Japanese team 3: 1 to reach the final.

At the Yuba Cup, the Chinese women’s team, which had lost three to four years in the top-three from Thailand and missed the first Euro final in history, has been fully recovered. General Chat Chat Lounge East East Olympic champion Chen Yufi took first place in the national singles event. In front of Akin Yamaguchi, the two didn’t play against Akin Yamaguchi last 19. Chen Yufei had 8 winners and 11 losses. The war also did not benefit. Play, with 18:21 in straight game. , 10:21 defeat.

In the women’s doubles match, East East Australian runner-up Chen Kangchen / Jia Yufan Fukushima played against Yuki / Mitsumoto Mayo. The sides played 3 rounds in a tough competition for 117 minutes. The final “Bench Match” 2: 1 (29:27, 15: 21, 21: 18) was a tight victory, scoring a crucial point for the national team, equalized 1: 1. ئي After the single, he defeated Bangju Takahashi Shiya 21. : 9 and defeated 21:18. The women’s doubles defeated Mesa Masutomo / Nami Matsuyama with Huang Dongping / Lee Wenmai 24:22 and 23:21. Chinese team complete victory. Reversal won 3-1 and Yuba Cup 15th Yr.

Source: Comprehensive Foreign Media

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