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20 November 2018 • Mobile Phone •

There have been many bugs since Pixel 3 was launched, the latest Google family phone. It may be bad for the user. Pixel 3 is an even more serious mistake today, which has made it impossible for the user to use it and is considered to be the largest selling point camera.

Recently, many Pixel 3 users have reported in the Google and Reddit forum that a "serious error" or "can not connect to the camera" message can not be used when using a native or third-party camera application. Even if the user restarts, restores factory settings, or even applies security mode, the problem can not be removed.

Engadget, a foreign technology website, has been questioned by Google, but the official solution has not yet been provided. There are also tech media that have checked the Camera API. It is speculated that the cell phone system may not be able to properly open the camera to other applications, making it impossible for users to take pictures with the camera.

The camera is one of the key elements of Pixel 3 technology and the inability to use is, of course, a serious problem. Online users also said the store refused to replace the problematic mobile phone. For users who want to buy Pixel 3, it may be a better time to wait.

Source: Engadget

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