Wednesday , October 5 2022

The shop at the Huangdian Penang Prone Noodles was inspected through the food ring and it was alleged that the restaurant receipt was printed with “anti-government words” and it was referred to the department for follow up. Position Report | Position News


“Peng Prong Noodle Shop” in Van Ping Huangdian said FEHD officers conducted a surprise inspection yesterday (16th), during which an inspector said he had received complaints that the restaurant’s receipt was printed with “anti-government words”. Was referred to. For relevant follow-up to the relevant appeal department. “Penang Prune Noodle Shop” posted a receipt photo with the words “Hong Kong is here!”, “Parvin soup on the bottom of the pot is sweet”, and “Who is the caretaker? Asked from the content of “Penang Prune Noodle Shop”, “Is there any so-called anti-government?” It also pointed out that threatening “complaints” would not affect local restaurants.

The “Penang Prone Noodle Shop” posted on the FB yesterday that FEHD staff went to inspect prevention measures in the epidemic, during which they claimed they received complaints that the restaurant did not show QR codes for safe travel. However, the shop of wild noodles responded that the restaurant posted QR codes for safe travels to various hotels.

In a post on the Prune Noodles shop post, the FEHD health inspector who inspected it said that they had received complaints about the restaurant receipt, that they had printed the word “anti-government”, and that the complaints had been sent to the relevant appeals department. , And the action will be taken later. The Prune Noodles Shop displays photos of the restaurant’s receipts. The receipts in the photo read “Si Hong are here in Hong Kong!”, “This is the wild soup sweet from the bottom right”, and “Who is the guard?” In a post on the Prune Noodles shop post, you ask, “Everybody thinks that the so-called” anti-government “side of the wild side on the picture receipt? Point to? “

Prune Noodles Shop said that in the past days, its branches have been taken care of by various government departments, and they have also recorded three confessional confessions, but the power of life itself is to let anyone know their thoughts. The rules should not be controlled. Survival.

FEHD: Complaint that has been filed in the shop acknowledges that it will be referred to the Department of Appeals

The Stennis News asked the FHD about the incident. FEHD confirmed that it had received 2 complaints about the “Penang Prune Noodle Shop” this month, alleging that the restaurant included customers’ permission to travel without mental retardation or personal information. Away. Anti-inflammatory disease regulation. The FEHD also pointed out that the complaint appeals to slogan content in the complaint store. The department acknowledged that it would send it to the relevant appeals department for follow-up, but did not specify which department it would refer to.

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