Three times Yura and Yankee Vote were cast in the city center as a candidate for the Democratic Coalition.

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An important part of the opposition sees the parliamentary election of 2022 as a new, democratic institution that gives rise to its own opportunities – the government and the Feds see it as a “Gorkini show” and a “prostitute”. The joint prime minister nominee, Victor Orban, will also be elected chief minister.

The results of the first constituencies of Negrad County and Baptist also came in opposition.

According to this, Clara Dobreu got 4462 votes (3965 tents, 497 online) to Niagara County, while Peter received 2953 votes in Merki-Zai County (1716 tents, 1237 online).

Péter Márki-Zay won first place in the Budapest area: here he received 18,801 votes, while Klára Dobrev was voted 5,865.

On this map, you can join us who has won the Prime Ministerial candidate in the capital districts and provinces of the country! The votes of Klára Dobrev and Péter Márki-Zay are constantly updated.

Budapest Results:

District Results:

Overall results:

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