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DWTS: Attila Árpa Make your dance easy


An exquisite and ing this foxy foxroot was dancing Dancing with the StarsIn “Night of Memories” Attila pa rpa And his dance partner, Stana Alexandra.

Attila pa rpa

Attila Arpa’s Dance Inspired Everyone – Photo: Press Room

The studio went silent with their production, and the jury could barely attest to the aftermath of the Atlanta Arpa dance. In addition, the actor-director and his dance partner shed tears.

Appreciate you because you can tell a story that doesn’t go with the stage set, but people look at one at a time and dance their hearts and souls to us. It was beautiful It was so beautiful that you could give your fate in the hands of your partner and from that you could see that she was safe on the dance floor. There can be no more unity in dance“Was the study of Zuli Berezky. “It was glorious Attila made a decision and decided that now she was putting everything here, the reality. Now there was nothing black or white about it, it was you here on the dance floor“Nora Ardig said about the production. “It was possible to reduce silence and tension because you were able to maintain it from beginning to end.Andy Molnar praised them.

The jury members gave the pair a maximum of 10 points, so Arpex closed the fourth live show with 40 points.

How do you feel now, with 40 points?“Asked Ramna Hide-Chase Arpi, who was crying. “You said it was important to me and thank you so much for being here. This is my everything now, this is the moment“The actor and director acknowledged tears in the fight.

Attila pa rpa

Attila Arpa and her dance partner shed tears after their dance – Source: TV2 / Dancing with the Stars – Video

Now that we can list the stations of our lives, the successes, the failures, it is absolutely certain that the night belongs to the above. For me, this is an experience that is amazing“Come on Andreas Stoll, the host of the Attila Arpa show, who also cried while watching the production.

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