Saturday , June 19 2021

Griscio and Gisa Brimayani receive the Library Literary Award for Culture in the Index

The library held its literary awards ceremony on its Facebook page last year, but now, with SzínházTV, the status of these online events has risen to a new level. Compared to this year’s surprisingly boring Oscar gala, they showed what it is like when an awards ceremony is not just a formal but a tribute. Artist Arts Today.

Ten authors competed for the Library Literary Prize this year, with 155 books selected by fifty publishers by the Voters and Professional Committee.

Based on a five-member professional jury and audience vote, Gaza received the Literary Award for the Hungarian Copperfield Library of Beremy and the Christian Grekowski Book More About Me Library Literary Audience Award

Graciso doubled, he also won the Audience Award last year, and was impressed with the decision. Berrimani reacted to the victory by saying a joke to his grandmother:

Here’s what you want most of the bed.

The members of the professional jury were Zsophia Szelli, Andrea Philjatter, Zoltan Beck, Csuba Kolli and Andra Belten.

The one-hour show was particularly successful in terms of quality, which can be viewed for free for the first time on the library’s Facebook page at 7 and the first hour later on the SzínházTV website, and the show is still viewable. General Chat Chat Lounge Each of the ten finalists was shot a separate short film, which revived the work environment through space selection, through landscapes and critics, reading, music and the natural sounds below them. Although other branches of art were packed in the literary gala, the end result was still identical.

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