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Mayweather returns to Japn, but he does not know what


2018-11-05 12:24:11 /

On Dec. 31, Floyd Mayweather Jr., the 41-year-old boxing legend, is being fought in Japan, the wording of which is inconceivable, as it is still beyond doubt that an unbeaten US fighter comes to meet his MMA rival and Tenshin Nasukawa's star. The event is crowned by Mayweather Promotions, Japanese promotional company MMA, RIZIN and formerly 5 world boxes. Between the two bunnyos is the difference between 21 years, as Nasukawa has been in his country incredibly for just 20 years, and so far, like Mayweather, he has an unrivaled balance. Hopefully it will soon become clear if a Japanese warrior can use his leg on New Year's Eve or Mayweather will not take the risk and will be a rule in the combat system.

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@Sarkozi Robert: Do not program them … 99% of them are sadly happy

2018-11-06 00:52:03

@Hatton: that's unfortunately there, not everyone buys it.

2018-11-06 00:04:37

@ogreface: The need is not "yes," but it is created. No, but the deaf, they do the hlyesgles who need hlyesget and go to totl

2018-11-05 22:08:07

@ pressurefighter0088: It would not be much excitement. 🙂
The bar is so cold that the foam body will be softer in driftech 🙂

2018-11-05 21:30:37

Those who organize them are not good, they know well, and today they need it and "valvilgra" …

2018-11-05 19:55:14

@ bpjotruska: I think Seagal mar max Miller is in the sulky group. 🙂 for them they have fun.

2018-11-05 18:35:07

What do you think of KSI vs. Paul Logan as a Boxing Attraction PPV?

2018-11-05 18:31:29

I heard a week ago about Anthony Joshua vs Steven Seagal's match, in the trunk or sumo set.

2018-11-05 18:06:38

Here are the gardens I had in the morning.
I'm a joke, I think it's something legal to them, or there's a way to do it.
Tenshin Hanrl I will never hear you, but how do you know how much is less and less than 20?
and here we go to Pacet, the stake, the wilderness, and the others how big they are.
It's just that qrva gz is looking for a bitch with these games to the gods, so many brains will pay for it and win their games.
It's here for the whole world.

2018-11-05 17:49:40

@GGG: Go with this nihilistic officer, but seriously
Yesterday it turned out to be an internationally significant fact that idyllic capitalism and the consumption of our crops were rough, 90% of the fish had stomachs, 60% of the lilac died in less than 40 years and there was one cell you would push selections and into such npbutt spines.
Mayweather-flk is the most paralyzing thing in the world, the bug moves on every ts.

2018-11-05 17:42:22

how much is this pnz running or what is it for? this max match would be very interesting if Japan were to lose vitamins.

2018-11-05 17:42:00

@ Hatton: That's true. But if they do, they will be fun or just love to build, right? And it's the story of the ninja. If you can not, I think there is nothing wrong with it 🙂

2018-11-05 15:43:12

started to analyze again 🙁
can I get ping pong ping pong in ping pong?
you are here who are here.

2018-11-05 14:46:26

@tomba: Let's say if Saenchai and McGregor fit into the match, we do not think they will find out what to do for a minute or two. I do not think they get to the wall, but for a while they were trained to Saenchai GSP to come back. Basically, Buakaw's Saenchai is also studying BJJ if he knows if MMA will ever be. But he does not go there;)
(I do not know how many Saenchai's plays are being played, but first with kombrgs first, as well as RJJ in the box, level ms).
I want to tell you the truth, but Saenchai is not thai thai bunys.

2018-11-05 14:42:11

@ bandi78: Let me tell you that there is a chance that you will grab them and you will get to the end of the game because the clash and the Thai boss can also be used. it is not unnecessary to have ts or rgs dnt in mma llharcnt, combrgs and felsett ember are not complete.

simply stay stuck in a toothpick in the series or in the fans of the kom kombrgs.

2018-11-05 14:13:11

I do not think May will slip into my shoes and spit, and src is a good thing, but it's a good thing.
The heart also had four MMA matches, just like I had a shot. But he beat me in kickboxing ex-vb.

2018-11-05 14:03:17

Before I get a pac match, I think it would be too risky. They could simulate this card, both looking and risking.

2018-11-05 13:55:17

There will be 6 threaded boxes: D

2018-11-05 13:37:17

@ pressurefighter0088: There were brave boxers who succeeded in the MS rules, but there was a great risk that Mayweather would not do. Your ego is big enough to make it big enough.

I think I think the solution is. There are kick-box sets in the mosque, only with time they can not. 🙂

2018-11-05 13:19:31

@zolimt: I think this will be because Tenshin likes nice, creative kickboks …

2018-11-05 13:18:25

Or do you think Nasukawa is just a joke, and Mayweather can do it?

2018-11-05 13:15:17

@Sarkozi Robert: I do not know if he would lose the box normally in mma, but in K1 it was time to kick box. The Thai boxer, Buakawot, was sometimes stunned by someone who could hardly hit him almost everywhere. If you could have a shoe (of course you can not) then you could run away and get it at the right time. Or who knows, the heart may be in the back of the head.

2018-11-05 13:11:02

@ pressurefighter0088: It's a problem that the overturning of the shoulders will slip into the shit, so I think in this form May will not confess …

2018-11-05 13:03:11

@greg: Sir, it would be good to block japn src 2-3 times a spoon. From the beginning it would not be either rgs or rohangs 🙂 🙂

It will be boxing, May kickbox kicks …

2018-11-05 13:03:10

it would be harsh if a Japanese warrior could not use lbt, in one place it could be against a big htrny (ok, just a tall ball)

2018-11-05 13:02:16

Definitely pathetic. Look at these people. Kickbox ss competes for £ 125.

2018-11-05 12:52:12

@ Snake: "Do not you like cabaret?"

For example, Sas Kabart is special, but it will be even stronger …

2018-11-05 12:51:45

I do not think the Copian shields really will be Kabar. The problem is smaller in src, I love poultry, I do not give much power due to May, I really do not care about dntst. In boxing – if it is – it just sucks, but in Rizz it is also an elf …

2018-11-05 12:37:56

It will be plum evening and evening, right? Do you like cabaret? 🙂

2018-11-05 12:31:12

"It will be easy to see if a Japanese warrior can use lbt on New Year's Eve" Remlem yes, then it might be exciting to play.

2018-11-05 12:26:21
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