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Photo: Sóstó, sweet Sóstó – the new Vidi stadium is ready


Red-Blue and Green: Mol Vidi FC returns home after three years and can now play in a beautiful setting.

Whistling jockey players collect sand with a shovel – the last, even the final, at Sosto Stadium. According to forecasts, practically little winter massages someone's nervousness, there is plenty of fieldwork in the snow and there is nothing to prevent the few screws that are missing here. The glasses are impressive and you come here, hoping for a quick start: you can play soccer in such an environment.

By the way, the environment! Our guide, Deputy Mayor of Székesfehérvár, Attila Mészáros, starts with a project of HUF 14 billion and four billion HUF projects: rescue of the Sóstó Nature Reserve and its development. Red Ferencváros's Red Blue Chaser is not disturbed by the fact that huge greenery has appeared, plus 200 hectares of land are protected at both local and national levels. On an outdoor walk, we can assure you that this is no coincidence: in three years Sosto was completely restored. The paths, sidewalks and promenades have been renovated just like a natural trail, not to mention that if Goran Basarics is a trainer who thinks he can work outdoors with Roland Juhász, he can still check them in the fitness center of the square near the stadium. There is a playground in the same building, but we only do it to understand that community space is indeed a community space that is open to the public because it is formally open.

Captain of the team who sits in the corner of the dressing room Juhász Roland he waited for Vidi to leave for Székesfehérvár after December 2015.
"It will be a wonderful feeling that you will return to the home environment again "Said the red-brown captain. Not only the facility, the whole environment will enchant people. Because I played football for six years, I was lucky to play at the old stadium. I liked it, but it would be different. There has always been a good mood in Fehérvár, I hope there will be no difference in the future. After the month we spent three years, it was a bit long, but when I saw what happened to Sosto, today I say it's worth waiting. It is true that one corner dressing room was captured by Szabolcs Huszti, we could choose among the first in the law of older people. The advantage is that we have a good place, the disadvantage that it turned out we are not young anymore. One of my goals was to play football at the new stadium and I am happy to give it to me at the age of thirty-five years. What's more, I can currently be present for another year and a half. We should beat Újpest only in the middle. "

Just as the visitor center stopped at the base of the northeastern promenade. If this is the way, we will come here and learn that the first Green Wall of the city was built here. Football is also blended with flora and fauna: with Mol Vidi we see that sixteen orchids come from Saskatchewan to Saskatchewan but from European reindeers as well as from adorable pink apples. Even though Camp Ujpest, Honvéd or Fradi arrives in Fehérvár, the royal beetle is far away, although it does not matter: chalets are blocked by all the tunnels to reach the mainstream 1400, they can use only one of the nine gates on the racks.

This time alone is the red-blue "sky", a total of 14,200 seats on red and blue chairs. During the twisting, they even made sure that the blue wool wave seats – what else was referring to Sóstó's water. Everyone in the game thinks you will stand up and go on bambi, you do not have to worry about getting out of the main scenes: a hundred LED TVs are installed, thirty percent of the facilities are at the buffet, the remaining seventy in the main building – consisting of a total of five levels. If you have already started building from the bottom, let's go from below: "Minus Eaten" is a field of players and trainers, Vulnerail, Vidi shop, museum, sales center and restaurant. an event room with an area of ​​1,000 square feet, the second has several Sky-boxes and the highest floor for the technique.

There is too much distance between the theater and the meeting room between the viewer and the playground: a 7-meter staircase separator is not enough for a medium-sized fan. Do not be misunderstood, we have not attempted to try to overthrow the 830-centimeter László Szalma National Peak in 1985: thanks to "more than sixty security cameras", it's easy to see the culprit.

Another question is that it will be soft: the grass of Newcastle is a great state. It seems to be some of the most up-to-date sit-ups, though, as we know how easy the pad is, it's mostly on the results. There is no complaint in Fehérvár, but it is also necessary to take care of the indoor gym (s), but the massage and the health room are also fine to keep the toy in order. The dressing room has been replaced for the last time by footballers returning last Friday, who can relax in the sauna after a workout to swim in the pool.

At the same time this place is the stadium for the whole stadium, which does not have a multifunctional role, cultural, scientific and educational. It's not a shout, it's not ridiculous, but what's to be found in it.

And the fact that the scrawny coward has a little bit of a head does not bother anyone.

Especially if it is suppressed by agaric odor.

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