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Suppliers László Botky received several years in prison


All three Syrian chiefs were sentenced to imprisonment on Tuesday by the Szeged Court. József Oltványi and László Pistrui for five years, Sándor Baranyi was sentenced to six years in prison by the district court in Szeged at the first instance – writes SzegedMa. In the past, it was not the first time the judges had judged the Mayor of Szeged.

The Szeged document explained it

  • He was sentenced to 5 years and 2 months in custody being released in custody József Oltványi and Pistrui László, for which a fine of 1-1 million forints was imposed.
  • Sándor Baranyi 6 years, also sentenced to release, and a payment of 1.2 million forints was set.
  • Universal's CEO has denounced a total of roughly HUF 3 million per person.

The ruling was first filed by the district court in Szeged on Tuesday. On the basis of the available evidence, the court justified the loss of property by:

the company lent regularly and in large amounts since the beginning of 2007 but did not meet the requirements of good governance,

In addition, credit agreements did not include collateral or interest rates.

However, these loans were also provided to companies with payment problems, even if the company even partially or partially failed to pay the debt.

However, it can not be proved that the bankruptcy of the company was the task of the conventions, which was only the result of their actions – the judge justified the judgment.

László Botka is getting worse

The scandal involving the rollers began with the fact that a few years ago, the construction company destroyed hundreds of small entrepreneurs. In this case, the first instance of the court in Szeged is today.

According to a lawyer representing the injured party, a company with more than 11 billion debt left may play a central role in financing MSF.

The company could have subcontracted funds to the deputy driver of MSPP EP Istvan Ujhelyi. However, László Botka is still the head of the local administrative company, the former Ujhelyi driver, who has lost much of his money.

László Botka tried to stay away from the Seviepa case.

The mayor argued that Szeged had carried out more than a hundred investments in the years 2002 to 2010 and hence also public procurement that had never intervened in Szépép. However, the company was not directly involved in local government but was involved in projects with majority companies or one of its subsidiaries within the consortium.

Everything was built in Szeged

  • from the tram,
  • they were on the M43 and West Bypass,
  • their name included an event hall
  • and the Genomic Innovation Center project.

László Botka, both defendants and the Chief of Staff, opened a new office building in the group and signed a contract for the construction of Sunshine Bath with the third defendant.

The records also prove that Pál Szentgyörgyi, Vice-President of the Economy, helped to realize the interests of Szivahop in connection with real estate exchange.

Deputy Mayor Botka was sentenced to suspended custody in VIP parking scandal in Szeged

This was not the case of Seviép, the former case in the past, when László Botka was convicted. The district court in Gyula made the first-instance sentences in early October.

  • Ervin Moses the principal agent was suspended for 8 months in jail for unfaithful acts as an instigator, suspended for one year,
  • László Botka, Vice-Mayor, László Solymos for the same reason, was sentenced to six months in prison,
  • also suspended for one year.
  • Cabinet Director László Botka, Gábor Kalmár he received ten months in jail, also suspended for one year.

Prisoners of first and second grades were sentenced to ten and eight months' imprisonment in the first instance, suspended for one year. The former manager of the parking lot was given ten months for the same thing, even for one year. Accused

according to the prosecutor's office, caused more than HUF 40 million in damages by providing 307 free parking leases in 2008 to 2012, the award of which was decided on management meetings.

The scandal has hit serious waves, which also depended on Szeged's policy. Several days after the ruling, local government officials summoned an extraordinary general meeting to clarify the situation, but the members of the embassy did not leave. They have not stopped their mission, which is well publicized in mid-October, according to which 84% of Szeged residents should leave the public life of convicted people in Szeged. Local company Fidelitas therefore launched a flyer campaign.

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