Hon'ble has announced that with the participation of 22 Kilicon operators in this world, 5G Sales Networks are setting up the real world, and 5G networks are 50 additional providers. The company's Global Mobile Broadband Forum (MBB) company in London has been resolved to support 5G commercial use service providers. HONO will be confirmed that the first 5G-speed studios will be available with their endless display as well as 2019.

In its speech, the Global Mobile Broadband Forum in London, Administrative Director of the Ryningham, has been chaired by Chairman Chairman, Mobile Cell Operators on the benefits of fifth generation (5G) mobile network marketing technology. He reminded that up to 5G networks could increase the network performance efficiency, and create unusual opportunities in the mobile era. Provide wide bandwidth for 5G houses, and it will also provide supreme speed and ultra-low-speed, which can completely create a business model, and create great value for the service provider.

The company also expects the mobile service provider to be more likely to use 5G as people first benefit from the network. The growth rate of 5G is two performance. The first, the third population of the 5G world land is the first user to be the first user. Its restriction will be faster than 3G and 4G. Another important tool for the tool is: 5G phones including 5G phones included 5G speed phones, available in 2019, they will be completely brand new.

[Mire használhatja majd az 5G-t? A választ itt találja.]

Ding has also been told that he believes that leading phone makers will be introduced soon to slow 5G-Range devices, which includes 5G or 5G dollars, and 5G and accelerate industry-based industries.

Huye introduced a modern solution in London that will help 5G commercial service service providers. According to the company, Huawei Antennas Matrix Solutions (Massive MIMO) is the smallest and low-active antenna of the company's world, capable of performing reliable reliability of up to 15 minutes. As current antenna stations, poles, frames and towers have already been cracked, Hua has also called for a 1 + 1 easy-to-use solution, which is a small place and thus reduces the speed of the telecom operators to the owners. HONO provides a name appeal link and disclink duplicating solution that combines the same 4G and 5G CB coverage. Additionally, the company's creative 5G performance and microwave solutions support service providers make a low cost of 5G networks faster and easier. Using the advantages of the company's artificial taste to operate the operation of telecommunications networks and to reduce operating costs.

"Rand Ding said," Randing Ding has also announced that in the meantime, a signed agreement with 20 videocratic operators has already been created and 5G test with more than 50 clients, to provide 5G networks. Working in

Anyone who wants to try to connect with a 5G mobile network, is going to hurry in the next week, the wana christmas market. According to Austrian operators, a 4G phone will be enough to investigate.

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