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The fans hit the ground, Sl


Just an hour and a half later, the match between Spartak Turnova and Slovin Bratislava was interrupted in the 11th round of the Slovak Football Championship (Fortuna Liga) and home fans away.

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According to, visiting fans came into the arena in the 15th minute, followed by the sympathy of the Hungarians, which resulted in a clash between members of the camps n camping, and a seemingly outraged fan.

The referee, Philip Galloway, sent fans to the locker room when the first fan sank. According to, the directors told fans to relax, because if that didn’t happen they wouldn’t end the match.

Shortly afterwards, fans were able to kick the field off the pitch, but disruption continued, especially in the Sloan Bratislava fan sector. Because of this, the police completely vacate the guest sector.

While unfortunately the subpoena doesn’t end, it was decided that the match would never end anytime soon.

As for the value of meeting games: The guests, who were injured most of the time, stayed quarterback without David Holman for a fourth-hour fight that ended with no purpose, but was far from over.

Slovak Fortuna Liga
Chu Erie 11
Spartak Turnova – Slovenian Bratislava 0-0 –
In the 15th minute he was interrupted by a fan defect.
Sloan: Injured Holman David No name

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