Wednesday , September 28 2022

The government's favorite agency will enter the market with a new Telekom advertisement


This is a small film that is considered a Hungarian destroyer who only saw the first ten seconds.

Somebody else argues that Telekom's new commercial film is "What is typically Hungarian?" Though the fl ows could not bother to look at it. The report is that the penetration or vacuuming of the milk bag is not typical of Hungarian but innovative and exemplary.

The undisclosed loyalty review portal, which was published on a commercial New Telegraphic Telekom Advertising four days ago, but this article is no longer removed and removed. This may even be related to the fact that, as seen from the morning of the morning G7, this ad is a popular media agency of the government, Gyula BalasaLounge Design is the first major market order.

The G7 Group writes that two companies of Balasy Lounge and New Land Media Ltd. tripled their revenues in three years, almost exclusively due to state-of-the-art communications, and in the next few years, 90 billion forint, state-owned companies, could be spent on Balasys in ministries.

The Lounge Group has told the portal that it seeks to balance government and market orders, even though G7 sources claim government efforts to market, at least partially controlled by channels, through public advertising money. It is also clear that larger companies, even foreign companies, can go to government.

In any case, according to the article, companies are not big victims if Balasy are involved in their agency partners, especially if they do something on the table. Telecom's order opened the Balasys gate because it could serve as a reference later. The G7 knows so much about dealing with other large companies.

Campaign "What is typically Hungarian?" This is a unique project, Telekom has other agency partners with a longer relationship, but Balasys was needed because older partners did not come up with the idea they expected.

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