Saturday , June 19 2021

The stars, who are over 40, revealed themselves naked

Not only the twenty-year-olds of the world, many stars also exposed themselves later in life, often to the great joy of their fans. We’ve introduced a couple of actresses and models who dressed up in their forties or older for a magazine or campaign – and there’s nothing to be ashamed of, as it looked great in photos.

Jennifer Aniston

Source: Instagram / jenniferaniston

The actress may have appeared to millions of people naked during the era of good friends, but it did not happen then. Fans have had to wait until 2008 before Aniston finally manages to undo GQ magazine, just a tie on the first page. He was only 39 at the time, but a few years later for Al’s wish, he danced a man naked when he was even photographed in an open blouse.

Taraji P. Hansen

Source: celebmafia

The PETA, one of the largest animal welfare organizations in the United States, has a campaign in which the stars have been shown to walk barefoot without wings. The popular poster series was joined in 2011 – at the age of 40 – by Empire star Benjamin Button, also nominated for an Oscar for Strange Life, and featured in the photo.

Jennifer Lopez

Source: Instagram / Jennifer Lopez

The singer advertised his fragrance brand with glue in 2012 with this free photo when he was 42 years old. If you can, now, at the age of 51, he is in even better shape, as he proved with his latest video, the short film in the morning: he looked completely naked in the hot air there; The front wings were like that.

Kate Moss

Source: AFP / Leon Neal

The world-renowned model allegedly intended to attend a 34-hour party for her 35th birthday – which was held on Aug. 6 – and played in the famous rabbit, due to having a boogie and group sex on her 30th birthday. Dress on her fourteen poses by posing on the back. Three years later, he also took off the clothes for W Magazine, and at the age of 43, he can be really proud of his body.

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