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There will be a full house even after the premiere


There is a lot of interest shown on Thursday, the film of the Golor Kolombista film, Elk.Rutak, which is on the streets of Frank Giovanni’s notorious treasure and a series of street protests that have since been rupted. Although the Budapest film tour and the Multinational Cinema City, which are still in Rodriguez’s interest in the Giorgio Carcassoni-led film, did not want to be shown a month ago, y’know, they eventually withdrew because of great interest. The main roles are known, but until the day of the show, October 21, filmmakers will not reveal who is playing Ferenc Gyurcsány. Gabor Kalumisa recently gave Origo things to say, among the things that were difficult and difficult to find a role for the movie, because the actors in the profession were threatened that if they played Elk.rtuk, they would not have a movie role. Will meet, they will advertise. In the profession itself.

That is the way the producer is buying tickets for producer Gabor Columista’s political crime: Elk.rtukra, which launches on October 21, has already sold tickets for multiple rooms, which is not a big deal for American films. The box office promises. Success. In a film basedszöd speech on Ferenc Gyurcsány’s speech, its political background and a series of 2006 protests, followed by brutal terror of police on the streets.From the beginning, it was attacked by cultural sources.Gabor Calumisa told Origi that after the first major selection of actors, threats came in the direction of actors already in the void stage. They have received messages that if they do this, they will be excluded from the profession.

These actors reunite with the film as opposed to threatened

About forty roles are played in the movie, as well as a lot of statistics. One of the most important roles was by the great Hungarian actor Zsolt Trail, who is the father of the character who is a political analyst. Come to Zsolt Trill Origi, he had heard about threats made against the actors, and many of them phoned him, answering the question, in reply, “ا Have you taken it?”
I do not want to be in a country where I do not have to worry about whether I will be in a movie or not for a moment in our lives. This is a catastrophic situation. If this guy on the other side of the film, they would have been better off in such an invisible way, “Zsolt Trill said in the video interview.

Gabor Kalumisa recently told Paste TV that directors Keith English and Josep M. Stewart, a Catalan cameraman, felt intimidated by the actors and were partners in playing them ol. (By the way, the role of Josep M. Civit will be celebrated in Hungary on the left-hand side of the exotic manner; he is also the cinematographer Pedro Almodوارvar.)

Shooting was a hindrance to the Christmas tree in the capital (Christmas precisely Gyurcsánys) making it very difficult to make reservations. The surprising thing about this surprise was that in September, the Budapest movie tour, owned by the capital, and the Multinational Company, Cinema City, was barely broadcasting political crime, they planned and planned to show it one afternoon. General Chat Chat Lounge Previously, the network of Budapest film Zrt intends to be shown at the R-Screen and Coron Cinema, and only for an afternoon, during the presentation week.

Gabi Gubás plays Clara DobrevSource:

The producer also said that they were getting threatening spots from cinema houses in rural rural India today that if the film was shown they would never get a premiere film.“For now, they are busy insulting my actors, threatening my audience, crossing film locations wherever possible, but to their great surprise, however, this film is They were made today. They feel they can’t stop the stop, the look is out, the billboards are, we’re doing the promotion. else Where else can you make a movie trip? Don’t let them get to the cinema houses.
They play sensors, misuse their power. On that basis, it has been condemned to burn World War II books, which are now burning the movie.– said Gábor Kálomista already.

First For Euro, Budapest movie Zrt. Dan Elk.rtuk performs in a cinema one day – reminds Gabor Kalumisa of an interview with Pesti Tv – for which tickets were sold out in about two hours, so it was not possible to book. Or buy. Later, they were given a 21-hour meeting, for which tickets were not immediately available, so they were given a five-hour lane, sold out at the end of the week, and are no longer selling. General Chat Chat Lounge

In an extraordinary way as they treat us, if an American blockbuster comes out, cinema-y cinema will give him nine performances in three halls a day.

If it’s a professional mistake, it’s a huge mistake,But I would say this is a purely political matter, says columnist.

Transparent trickery has garnered huge public anger, scared into cinemas after interviews and it is hoped that the film will be shown with incredible interest.

The head of the Budapest film Zrt is to explain after the statements of Columista, the essence of which is that in the form of audience films, the interest of the viewer comes first. Origo movie viewers have been watching their shows on their shows in their central cinema, Coronation, this week: a painful picture. There was an American movie for which they were able to sell zero tickets in a non-zero way, but there was also a big hall performance for which there were only 4 pieces.

British director Keith English on setForrás: I think

The Director of Marketing for Cinema City also referred to marketing and Prince Premier said this for the period of October when he explained that they were lazy in deciding on Elk.rtuk. He also spoke about the fact that campaign films are not usually shown on a basic basis, but this film does not make any decisions different than the first.

The phrase “campaign film” is clear: in a politically charged film series that looks at its present history (not left-wing left wing). On the other hand, some Hungarian theater directors prefer to make cartoons or to formally impersonate politicians on the conservative bourgeois side. In the production of Gabor Matthews, Bella Pinter, Robert Alfredi, we should not see through the magnifying glass on the conservative side, or the politicians, but if leftist current politics, we can mention Thomas Eicher. One of Bella Panter’s dramas (presented at the Katona Joseph Theater, of course) not only about Rave’s active, right-wing right-wing politician, but also about his private El Private theater. In these instances, the question of political correctness never arises, and in fact, the performance in question (even embarrassing in terms of its technical value) is praised as a talented witness.

In any case, the success of Elk.rtuk could not be stopped by either side.

The spectators, on the other hand, started voting for the setting to buy tickets. Three weeks before the show, such interest is completely unmatched in cinema these days.

Prior to Premiere Week, MultiPlexes became an outrageous phenomenon that had evolved over the course of the film, and anger in the press, It determines Hungary’s first political crime on real events on all Hungarian multiplex programs.

Next week, the Hungarian movie, which everyone is waiting for, Elk.rtuk, will be presentedSource: Origo

We have long known that Givorsky has been cast in the role of Gabby Gobbs, an actress in the Delia Theater, butCurrently, there are speculations about the actor being played by Ferenc Gyurcsány, the filmmakers who don’t reveal their reveal to the premiere. In a live video these days, the film’s producer Yin Producer, Doria Helmikazi, was asked about it, saying, “From the beginning, it was clear to us who would play Frank Giorucci.
For the lead role, Réka was the first actress to play in Vivianne Bánovits, and although there were about 100 applicants to this day, in the end, the orcs felt that they had to listen to their first intuition.

The film, as we wrote, is under the direction of Keith English, who in 2019 ignored me in The Movie for the Best Comedy Award at the British National Film Awards.

The film, which is closely linked with Nell’s 15-year national holiday, is hosting a mega-movie audience for her supporters and the general public.October 23 at 8:15 pm at the Cinema Maine Cinema in Budapest’s GMO Park.

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