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Your personal information still does not exist


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Two-thirds of domestic internet users are concerned about the information they have stored, but only 20% of respondents have read privacy notices – Vice-President of the Hungarian Competition Authority (GVH), National Authority for Data Protection and Information (NAIH) and EC Consultants Competition Law and Data Protection. Conference. Experts have agreed that GDPR is a step forward in providing reasonable information to conscious consumers, but further steps are needed to consciously use personal data.

Only 25 percent feel they have full control over data on the Internet, and two-thirds do not trust companies that collect personal information about their online activities. Dr. András Tóth, Vice-President of the GVH, said that the General European Union Personal Data Protection (GDPR) regulation did not make any major changes. To restore confidence in the digital economy, a combination of organs and societies is needed.

According to dr. Andras Tótha is an important step for the recognition of Internet users and the company recognizes that the information has a measurable price. People are therefore not sufficiently informed about the use of information, they have to decide when and when, and to whom and how much their data is transmitted.

"Facebook has 68 favorites to determine the user's political affiliation, and can not be ready for" – it's dr. It was stated by Szabó Endre Győző, Vice-President NAIH. It argues that GDPR can only make significant changes in this area, since the greatest benefit of this regulation is that companies need to understand, understandably and transparently, how they can handle the information gathered from users,

Dr. Orsolya Füredi, EC expert on competition law, said: "The primary objective of the authorities is to create partnerships with businesses and protect consumers, so organizations that really pay attention to their customers are properly informed about the basic terms of service, data processing conditions and an effective compliance system to ensure compliance with the consumer. to avoid fines of up to ten or 100 million forints or a substantial 10% may receive a reduction in the fine. "

GDPR clearly encourages businesses to operate effective data protection and consumer compliance systems that focus on securing the rights of the individuals concerned. Adequate information for data subjects data subjects is not only a matter of data protection but also consumer and competition law and is essential information that can justify a transactional decision. For digital services, it is extremely important to know all the basic conditions, basic settings and possible costs. An example of this is a fine of 100 million forints due to incomplete information about the Apple Wi-Fi Assistant.

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