Sunday , May 22 2022

Cloudflare Announces iOS DNS Privacy Service


Cloudflare has released an iOS app for DNS with The DNS developer was announced earlier this year and improves the speed of OpenDNS and Google. In addition, Cloudflare has committed not to write IP addresses to a disk query and does not hold all protocols within 24 hours. is the first DNS privacy wizard now available on the go. No one should be able to look at what you are doing on the Internet. We have created so that we can securely connect to the Internet anytime, anywhere.

• Greater privacy •
– By using a secure connection, you can ensure that no one can snoop your DNS queries.
– Some Internet Service Providers sell your data using DNS queries to sell data. Cloudflare never sells your data or uses it to target ads. Time.

• The fastest way to experience the Internet
– makes the Internet faster with the Cloudflare global network.
– On average, we are 28% faster than the fastest public resolver.

• Easy to use •
– One-touch settings that make your internet safer and more private.
– Install it today, you get faster internet, it's so simple.

You can download free Faster internet from the App Store. The application installs a VPN profile that uses DNS


Cloudflare Announces iOS DNS Privacy ServiceCloudflare Announces iOS DNS Privacy ServiceCloudflare Announces iOS DNS Privacy Service

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