Tuesday , January 18 2022

From Bulletin Bitcoin to the highest weekly weekly Cryptocurrency loss in $ 700 million


The economic impact of eradication of corruption is still limited.

The Great Frero Strokes crash of 2018 is going to its worst weekend.

The bucket has been $ 4,000 and has been deposited many times, the elimination of the list of Bloomberg GLX Crypto from November to 16 to 23%. This is the worst week of weeks after the arrival of Rapua-Ania in early January.

After the last year's biggest rear year, the worst bubble of the history has increased significantly, on the way to about 700 million dollars the relief of relief has been fired. Many concerns were evolved in 2018, which included only emphasis on regulatory scrutiny, community fraudulent and exchange-exchange, have only emphasized this weekend. All the virtual event of the Overseas Overseas Sunnis State Sunnis show a strong evidence of a capacity to 70% to the extent of damage, which will indicate below the market.

"There is still a lot of people in this game," Inson, Asia Pacific's business and in Oda, told the phone congress. If the Bitcoin "is over, if we start running $ 3,000, the thing is that church." People will run for the exit. "

Anees said that his basic case is expected to trade between 3,500 and 6,500 in the short term of Bacticine, which is US $ 2,500 in January.


The largest rotation rate was 7.6 percent higher than Friday, 4.1 percent of the previous loss at 4:43 AM. According to Bloomberber's overall overall cost, in Hong Kong. On $ 4,244, it trades closer to the lowest level from October 2017. Realell Ever, XPP and Lieutenant Reductioned at least 5%. CoinMarketCap.com has increased the value of all the trademark markets of $ 138 billion to $ 138 billion, which is less than $ 835 billion in the January market.

Highway routes: Individual couplers who are only consuming in price, and the Orissa Corp. companies that provide company-based systems. The California-based chopper has lost almost half of its value from the beginning of October October, as the demands of his retirement minus chips were overwhelmed and disappointed in the results of his gaming divisions.

The economic impact of eradication of corruption has yet to be limited, because the largest and institutionalized institutional monetary managers is not even less than anything to do with the Scientific Exxieties. The latest reduction in the investment in the market has become more important than the knowledge limit: In January to September alone, only $ 700 billion in the global assets market is worth $ 1.3 million.

Some Rico Bells have argued that Bitcoin and its feet will be removed from the rebellion in traditional financial markets, this year's loss has reduced their claim. A traditional event for gold, investment has been tapped in the last week as he was pushed into a virtual scene.


"I do not think that others in the skeletons are like other ladies, as other emotional games." Said. "The price of gold is rising to a very high influx and one-and-one approaches us with gold and gold coins.

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