Tuesday , October 4 2022

Ker CM silences the erasure of wall painting at the station, says Sangh


In Kerla, the controversy over deleting new wall paintings at the railway station, which depicts the 1921 wagon tragedy as part of the "Maple (Muslim) uprising," with Prime Minister Pinarayi Vijayan on Wednesday, claiming Sangh Parivar was behind her.

He describes erasing the image at Tirur as "extremely disgraceful", claiming it is "an insult" to fight for the freedom of the country.

"The Indian Railways, the PSU, succumbed to Sangha Parivara's interests and erased the image," Vijayan claims on Facebook.

Contacting Railway Resources has denied the fee and said it was painted due to the calls from various people criticizing the subject chosen for wall painting as part of the beautification program.

It was perceived as not being in line with the railroad beautification plan, as it shows "a tragic event," sources said.

The painting was halfway through a fresh painting on the direction of Palakkad representatives to restore the wall to its original condition, they added.

BJP Secretary General A N Radhakrishban described the railway's decision as a "welcome step," but said his party had no role in the matter.

"BJP has nothing to do with the decision. If I understand, the railways have opposed a demonstration of joint violence," said PTI.

The objection raised by local people could persuade them to adopt such an attitude, he added.

The tragedy of the wagon took place on November 21, 1921, when 67 Malabar prisoners arrested for participating in the Mappilian uprising against the British government died of suffocation and fled to Tiruru in a freighter car train.

Vijayan said the erasure of the image is "an insult to the history of the Indian free fight, and can only be considered an anti-national act."

With the help of his power in the center and in various states, RSS tried to "distort" and "rewrite" the history of the struggle for freedom of the country, he said.

Now they were "allergic" and heard about the struggle for freedom, Vijayan said that whenever the RSS had an opportunity, he had a "confusion" for the brigades.

"It is not surprising that these types of people are afraid to think about the" golden milestones "of the history of free struggle," he added.

In addition to Tirur, Kannur and Palakkad in the division were chosen to beautify work with paintings of art, culture and historical events.

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