Thursday , May 26 2022

Ritesh Deshmukh says that Shah Rukh Khan once told him, “I am ready to marry you”, here is why. Bollywood


Ratish Desh recalls Shah Rukh Khan in an iPhone gift when it was first launched. Shah Rukh was so impressed with the present that he called Ritesh late at night and told him, “I am ready to marry you.

In an interview, Ritesh said that when the iPhones were first launched Euro, he took hands on the phones and knowing that Shah Rukh is a ‘big technology fan’, he sent him one.

Speaking to Mashable India, Ritesh said, “I was essentially one of the first people in Mumbai to have a phone. Because someone was coming from America, he found it. The day it was launched, the US was in my hands (it was in my hands one day).

Rathish felt that Shah Rukh would appreciate the phone and sent him one. At 11 pm, Ritesh received a call from Shah Rukh, who was praising the phone and called it ‘mind-blowing’. Ritesh opened when he revealed that Shah Rukh told him: “I am ready to marry you.

One of the architects, Ritesh, also talked about designing Ruh Ilah Shah Rukh’s Red Clowns Enterprise office, and how it happened “randomly”. Shah Rukh called one day and asked Rathish to design his office.

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“I am a big fan of Shah Rukh Khan and what a chance! I mean, sharing the screen space with him was big enough but doing something for him was even harder for me. I told him, ‘I’ll bring architectural architects, I’ll work with them, and we’ll find the office you want.’ He said, ‘The best architects can leverage the design but I would love to design something (although I can get the best architects but I want you to design it). I like you, “said Ritesh.

Shah Rukh played a role in Ritesh’s movie “This Baby”. In 2018, when Ritesh released the release of his Marathi film Mauli, to avoid collision with Zero, Shah Rukh called him “bt (a brother”) in a complimentary tweet.

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