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Sack Minister, who ordered to kill the tigers Avni, Manek Gandhi to Maharashtra CM | indie news


Minister of Women's and Child Development, Manek Gandhi, on Tuesday wrote to Maharashtra's chief minister, Devendro Fadnavis, to release his Minister for the Environment and Forest Sudhira Mungatiwar for issuing orders to kill ostrich Avni, who was held responsible for 13 people over the past two years.

Tiger Avni, who was killed in Yavatmal in Maharashtra on Friday, survived two twelve-month-old cubs. Shafat Ali Khan's sharp shooter was hired to pursue her.

"While the reasons for the killings will be investigated administratively, you should also show the sensitivity to the public opinion that you know about, and I ask you to make sure that the tiger is killed illegally, and whether Shri Mugantiwar will be relieved of responsibility by the Minister of Forestry and the Environment, "wrote Gandhi.

"As ministers, we need the highest sensitivity to the electoral districts we serve, and if the environment and the forest minister resort to killing animals instead of protecting them, they are definitely unable to do their duty, as a WCD minister working for businessmen," she wrote.

This is the second time the WCD Minister intervened on Mungatiwar in this matter. On Sunday, Gandhi in a series of tweets drove Maharashtra's government for giving orders to kill her despite the resistance of several stakeholders.

The union minister wrote in his letter that he had been in contact with Mungatiware over the last two months, repeatedly asking him to make sure the tiger would be calmed down and quarantined. "But for some inexplicable reason, Shri Mungatiwar has repeatedly called Shafat Ali Khan to kill the animals in Maharashtra, and I personally personally protested you every time I was killed," she wrote.

Previously, Gandhi said in a Sunday statement, despite repeated requests from the forestry department and people from all over India, Mugantiwar ordered him to kill. "A third tiger killed in the environment and the forestry minister, a dozen leopards and 300 wild boars were killed on his journeys, and I am shocked that such a person is still in the ministerial position," she said.

First publication: 06.11. 2018 15:14 IST

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