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3 Fishes in Bekasi City hit by floods this Sunday


BEKASI, KOMPAS.com – Three sub-districts in Bekasi City were hit by floods on Sunday (November 11, 2018) after afternoon hours after heavy rains.

The Bekasi BPDD Pusdalops Coordinator stated that the three flooded sub-districts were Jatiasih, Rawalumba and Bantargebang Subdistricts. It is said that the water level varies from one district to another.

"In Jatias, Pondok Gede Permai's housing is about 60 centimeters high, the highest in the Jatiasih district and SMPN 9, which is about one meter," Aditya said.

Sub-district Rawalumbu flooded in a number of localities, including the village of Bojong Menteng.

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"In Bojong Menteng there are four points with an average height of 60 centimeters, then from bridge 3 to bridge 13 is Rawalumba approximately 60 centimeters," added Aditya.

While in Bantargebang the floods were flooded by road access to Bantargebang on Jalan Siliwangi to the Bantargebang district office. The height of the flood along the road reaches 60 centimeters.

The traffic flow has also been disturbed in a number of starchy areas.

Aditya explained that the floods that submerged three sub-districts occurred because the drainage system did not work properly.

"The drainage system does not work optimally, so the water is connected to the road that causes traffic jams," Aditya said.

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