Wednesday , August 17 2022

Attorney for Angel Lelga reveals the chronology of Vicky Prasetyo Making Raid


JAKARTA, – It was mentioned earlier, Vicky Prasetyo and his attorney Salahudin Pakaya attacked on Monday (January 20, 2018) at 02.00 hours the WIB house Angel Angel Lelga in the Jagakarsa area in southern Jakarta.

Vicky finds out that Angel is the man named Fiki Alman in Angel's room.

The lawyer for Angel Lelga, I Nyoman Adi Peri, revealed the chronology of raids by Vicky Prasetyo in Angel's House.

Initially, Fiki visited Angel's House with three other people at 20:00 WIB Sunday (January 18, 2018).

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"Fiki Alman initially visited Angel's house about 8-9 with his wife and one child with Fiki, which happened four times, according to yesterday's Angel and Vicky's information," I Nyoman said on Tuesday (11/20/2018).

Then Angel called Fiki again because he felt that someone was coming into his house. Vicky soon screamed into the house.

"Because when they arrived, they came home at 11 o'clock, and Angel had a bad feeling of a suspicious voice," said I Nyoman

"On the phone Angel Fiki Alman came the phone when Angel came to see the CCTV, somebody jumped the fence, there was a long time there was Vicky's voice because there was a voice" just naked "so he stayed in the room," he continued.

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