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Electric motors started in January 2019


JAKARTA, – President Joko Widodo takes part in the formalization of the launch of the Garasindo Electric Scooter ITS (Gesits) electric motorcycle. The launch and mass production of motorcycles of children of the nation is planned to take place in mid-January 2019.

"So the bulk product will begin in the middle of this year, then the president starts," PT Wijaya CEO Karya Tumiyana said after meeting with President Jokowi at the Jakarta Presidential Palace on Wednesday (July 11, 2018).

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Wijaya Karya is a financial partner of the Gesits series of motorcycles. In the first stage of production, the Red Plates Company pours RB 180 billion.

Gesits Motor was developed by PTSS Garansindo and Sepuluh November Technology Institute (ITS).

Representatives from Wijaya Karya, PT Garansindo and ITS were invited to the palace today by Jokowi to attend Gesits mass production preparation audiences. According to ITS Chancellor Joni Hernamy, President Jokowi strongly supports electric motors of children of the nation.

"Basically, the president is very supportive and he wanted this year to launch this market as a ready-to-sell product," Joni said.

PT Garasindo Zaki director Nahdi Saleh said that the Gesits motorcycle sales price has not yet been set. But he assured himself that the selling price of Gesit could compete with motorcycles in his class.

"From our industry, around 20 million RPS, the market price is around 22-23 million Rp," Zaki said.

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According to Zaki, the cost of 22 to 23 million RPS depends not only on production costs but also on the prices of conventional (non-electric) motorcycles that are in the same class as Gesits.

Gesits is an electrically powered 5-kW scooter that can travel at a distance of 80-100 kilometers at full battery power, up to 100 kilometers per hour. This specification is equivalent to a 125cc standard motorcycle motorcycle.

"We expect the market price to be lower than the market price with competing motorcycles. We are the first electric motor," Zaki said.

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