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Final results in Premier League – Chelsea vs Everton, must be willing to share numbers in week 12


The final results of Premier League Week 12, Everton & Chelsea vs Everton must be willing to share numbers and get second.

TRIBUNNEWS.COM – The 12th week in the Premier League on Sunday (11/11/2018) meets a blue duo in a derby between Marseyside between Everton "Chelsea and Everton at Stamford Bridge.

Everton's match> Chelsea vs Everton drew 0-0.

League match against Everton brought Chelsea an unbeaten run in the last 18 matches in all competitions.

The Chelsea vs Everton match was interesting, with both teams alternating.

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The first round ran only five minutes, Everton got a free kick due to the defeat of Chelsea defender.

Everton's first opportunity can still be led by Chelsea's defense.

Everton regained a golden opportunity, with Bernard's direct kick firing a direct shot to goalie Chelsea Arrizabalaga.

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Unfortunately, his shooting was still on the Arrizabalaga side.

The game lasted up to 20 minutes, but Chelsea still had trouble penetrating Everton's defense.

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