Saturday , May 21 2022

LinkedIn is giving China, here’s the reason


Jakarta, Selular.ID – Microsoft decided to tree back LinkedIn services in China. That is a sign of the move to keep the company operating in the country.

It may be that China is now rapidly gaining control of the world of internet, which is without a doubt challenging the Gates company to run its business.

Through his official blog, LinkedIn said it was not easy to resign, and the platform would be replaced later this year with a version that focuses on job information only in InJobs. This application will not allegedly receive feed or sharing options such as on LinkedIn.

However, LinkedIn continued to experience intense surveillance in China, only to find that it was a foreign social media application, although it had strong scope as a labor professional forum.

However, China is incredibly tough in managing the flow of social media that runs in their area, and the fact is that there are many social media platforms that are banned, such as Twitter, Facebook. And YouTube.

In this regard, the Chinese government has also emphasized that it wants the social media platforms that are operating in their area to be actively promoting socialist core values. And against the use of illegal personal information that is embedded on the Platform.

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