Friday , May 27 2022

Many similarities to Earth’s sand, NASA means that there is life on Mars.


California – National Aeronautics & Space Agency ( NASA ) Released a video explaining the factors that led the agency to believe that the planet مرخ Like the sand in ancient times.

As reported by The Sun Sunday (16/10/2021), scientist, Drs. Bucky McCauley Ranch said they thought the marijuana was ‘moist and warm’ when it first appeared. Also Read – Elon Musk .I Want To Factor A Car .Here On Mars

“When the solar system came into existence about four billion years ago, Mars and the sand were the only materials that made up the planet, so the planets looked like planets.”

“However, if we look at Mars today, it is a dry planet compared to the Earth, which is colored blue. We think that Marikh had a northern route to the North Sea, but it disappeared, thus separating the Planet planets, “Wrench said in the video.

The table appeals to the planets are equally important for scientists – they can help them find ancient life traces on Mars.

Geological activity on Mars declined during that period, during which time the water was lost and eventually became a dry planet. This is different from Earth sand where planetary sand is moving through a process of evolution through platelet techniques and life development, “he explained.

Moreover, scientists also do not believe that the element of water is still present at the surface مرخ In the case of snow at this time.

They also believe that there is a lot of water on this planet’s sandstone, but research needs to be done to confirm.


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