Friday , May 27 2022

Only 1 president did not call me Yan


Jakarta, – Seto Muladi, a child psychiatrist, has worked in the field of education for 51 years for 51 years.

The man who was acquainted with the Kak-e-Kak and Kak-seto has experienced seven different presidents in Indonesia during his life.

Of the seven presidents, Kak Setu said that there was a president who never called him a ‘cess’ supplement.

“Of the seven presidents, one did not call Rake,” Bingo said. From the VINDER YouTube channel, Sunday (17/10/2021).

Kak Setu said he had met Bingo when he was seven years old.

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However, at that time, he was still very young and had not yet received the devotion because of his devotion to the title of ‘big’.

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From the time of Suharto’s presidency, Kak Yak became the eighth-best known scientist of Arn’s psychology.

“From Holy Hurt, then Holy Habibie, Gus Thor, Abu Mega, Holy SB Wai, and Pure Jokowi called you,” he said.

The icate’s link is already embedded and resembles a 70 year old man.

Not the president, his in-laws sometimes salute him in the name of Cake Seto.

“Unless my mother-in-law likes to call you mother-in-law because everything is connected,” he said.

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