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Open the RI Line to find the Tima Kopang National Observatory

How did the universe exist? Is Life Far From Earth? These are still some of the most important questions in human history. However, this question is a challenge for astronomers around the world.

Indonesia also participates in the study of atmosphere and life planets outside the solar system for the first time known as the planets. NTT Road opened, building the National Observation Team of the Mountaineering Team.

Speaking to the head of the National Air and Satellite Agency (DWH), only the DVD spoke to the extent to which the Mount Tampa National Observatory was created and has the original Foreign Search Program in Indonesia. Thomas DeJalmadin contracted it.

DWLipen was recently released on social media. Is it true that the search for “strangers” and the possibility of seats will begin in 2021?

Professor Drs. Thomas JahmaluddinYeah, I look really ugly. It seems like BT.

Basically it is. Lippen is building a national observer on Mount Tima in Copenhagen. The program begins discussions in 2015, then licensing, and others. Construction began in 2017 and LaPan has a budget of about 340 billion years. Of course, the numbers were huge. However, the price is very cheap for observers because Lupine is currently ordering 3.8 meters from the largest telescope in Southeast Asia, which is a design product by Japan’s Kyoto University.

So, with this large telescope, we can see things in the sky around our galaxy, and beyond the galaxy.

Now, there is a tendency to see planets outside the solar system, because it is technically very complex, so the observation mechanism is also complicated. So for the first time in a 3.8 meter telescope, we would be involved in exploring planets outside the solar system.

Indeed, an important part of planetary exploration in the solar system is to find life-supporting grounds such as earth. The water on the planet is liquid, neither too hot nor hot. As it is a condition for life, there must be water in a liquid state. Then the media language translated LAPAN as a search for life on the planet. Yes, it’s done, but only one.

Is Indonesia the basis of a new chapter in the world, and could it be on the global stage after the search for foreign experts?

Yes, we know that Bushka Observatory in Lebanon is a little neglected in the southern sky. We are aware that the Southern South is only present in Indonesia, Australia, then Africa and South America, so it is very small today. In its day, the Bushka Observatory played an important role in the observation of the southern heavenly bodies, especially the double stars.

Therefore, in our stance to monitor the Southern civilization, it is hoped that in the Southern Civilization the system may play an important part in observing the stars or planets outside the solar system, where many observational objects exist. General Chat Chat Lounge In the north sky So we participated, we are the largest satellite outside the solar system in the southern sky. This is what our partnership expects to contribute to the development of astronomy around the world.

What do we need to do to find outer Earth and Earth life for us, professionals?

So the most important human question has to do with the origin of the universe. The second question is, will there be life on earth? Now this is an important question and the answer to that is called astronomers’ challenge.

As far as life is concerned, we know that there are at least three ground conditions. First, it must be a source of heat. The source of heat, of course, is the star. Secondly, the temperature of the Earth should be allowed to water, so the Earth must not be too hot, ie, it must be very close to the stars, or it can be very dark, that is, it should be far away from the star General Chat Chat Lounge Then there should be three organic materials, especially element C, H, O and N (carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen).

So what are the benefits if you ask? Yes, to answer humanity’s last question, something like this. Of course, many of their products also include challenges that may not lead us to technological advances or devices that eventually we will use.

The technology we have developed is a digital camera. It was originally developed by astronomers to replace their film images with heavenly bodies. This is something that we can use in our daily life.

Can you explain the main purpose of building a professional, Mata Toma National Observatory?

The main objective of the National Observer is to improve Indonesia’s ability to standardize science and technology. Secondly, this is very important. In justice it is to include or refine Eastern Indonesia. So far, the west seems to be the only area of ​​development for science and technology. Is also an observer in Landing, Bandung. Then there are many universities in western Indonesia.

National, with national observers [Timau], We are involved in the development and expansion of human resources in eastern Indonesia.

It was built not only by observers, but there is also a science center in the area of ​​Tallun near Dapang. It is a reform of public education, so students from kindergarten, elementary, middle school and senior high school can attend and participate in science classes.

Are there any economic impacts on local communities?

The National Observer also hopes to have an economic impact on the local community. We want these observers, such as the Bushka Observatory, to be 100 years old, to protect national observers from contamination today. Therefore, this section should also be avoided. Thus, the National Observatory was declared the Dark Sky National Park. In fact, this area is expected to become a popular tourist destination in the Nati, and especially in the Dopang area. From a natural point of view, the surrounding area is really beautiful.

Therefore it can be used as a regular tourist destination. Day by day you can find it a quest to enjoy its natural beauty and then you can see a beautiful sky because there is less light pollution.

That is why Milky Way galaxies are no longer visible in major cities like Jakarta, Surabaya, Banganda, and the National Observatory is disappointed. This is why photography enthusiasts, especially astronomers, are bad enough to see the sky in the dark.

In the meantime can you explain how much this test room will be for a professor’s research?

The mountain is planned for completion this year, by the Tima National Observatory or the Tima National Observatory. The construction of the dome and the installation of binoculars are planned this year. However, this year there are technical obstacles that cannot be overcome.

First, in terms of road conditions. Access roads need to be improved. The dirt road has to be partially rebuilt because it will require heavy equipment to climb Mount Tima. Praise be to Allah, currently the NTT district government, again with the assistance of the Ministry of PUPR, so this road access will be available only in 2020 but will be realized soon.

Another issue is the COVID-19 fatigue problem, which is reducing some work.

So the road will be finished next year, then next year it will be finished for fog equipment and the telescope will be finished in the third quarter of 2021 and the first work is expected to be completed by the end of 2021.

Interview designed and arranged by BW Indonesia Pardani Ganda Toh Porba.

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