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Range Rover Car Freefall Price, This is the Price Used


Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Range Rover prices in the second-hand market are free fall. It comes from the used car market in Indonesia, which is considered by the people to be the choice of people who are following the value of money.

Currently, the price of a used luxury car is around Rp. 500 – Rp. 600 million for the Range Rover Evoque, though the new price is over Rp.1 billion. It can be seen from CNBC Indonesia’s oversight of several modules at the OLX sales site on Sunday (17/10/2021).

For example, the Range Rover Evoque Si4 2 door in 2011. The cost of a car sale engine is 1,500-2,000 cc only IDR 575 million.

Then comes the Range Rover Evoque luxury in 2014 for IDR 525 million. Range Rover Evoque Dynamic Luxury A / T (2013) IDR 550 million.

The Range Rover Sport 3.0 L HSE Diesel (2011) has been sold at a price of IDR 615 million. In its specification, the engine capacity of this vehicle is approximately 3,000 cc.

The Range Rover is really impressed with this price reduction. The used car dealer’s owner, Fox Motor Augustines, revealed that some luxury car prices have dropped.

Cars whose prices have dropped are anti-mainstream IRA brands. In addition, the vehicles are quite expensive with service fees compared to similar cars of Japan.

“Range Rover prices have dropped. In 2015, 2017 may be half of the new price, R4 is used for 4-5 years and already price,” he said. CNBC Indonesia, Quoted on Sunday (17/10/21).

But not the second-hand luxury car prices have dropped. Many brands in this type of hobby car can still maintain the prices and although there are drawbacks but not too tight.

Some examples are the Mini Cooper and also the VW Frog. The last brand mentioned is still a fairly expensive monthly selling price.

“The Lexus is not as strong as Toyota, the price is not so low. The Mini Cooper is very strong, it’s just that it’s an amateur car, right. Even though the Mini Cooper is still expensive, VW frogs are challenging. Many are in ATPM and ready to continue, ”he explained.

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