Saturday , May 15 2021

Sorry Chelsea, Madrid are taking the final


Real Madrid goalkeeper DiBiot Cortes is delighted to meet Chelsea in the Champions League semi-finals. However, Kratos will definitely want to beat his former club.

Madrid managed to advance to the semi-finals after being beaten by Liverpool. On Thursday (15/4/2021), 0-0 in the second leg of the quarterfinals, 0,1, Madrid won 3-1 overall.

After the Liverpool pass, Madrid had to win another English team that was not even tough, Chelsea in the semi-finals. This will be a test for the Las Merogues squad.

Not only that, the semi-final match was a catastrophic match for many Chelsea and Madrid players as they played together. For example, in the Chelsea camp is Mateo Kovacic, a former Madrid player, followed by Athletic Thousand and Chelsea camp in Clyde.

Especially for Courtois, the meeting will open old wounds. Because the Courtois deals poorly with Stamford Bridge 3 years ago.

However, Courtois has forgotten that and his mission is just one, to relieve Chelsea of ​​making Madrid a final.

“What a joy it is to meet familiar faces and I hope there is a viewer at Stamford Bridge, because I have so many good memories there,” said Deborah Courtois Bean Sports.

“Even though my movements were not straightforward or connected in such a way, I still remember good memories there,” he continued.

“Two Premier League trophies, then other trophies – I’m happy to face them, but only one team can qualify for the finals and I hope it’s Real Madrid.”

Real Madrid will host Chelsea on April 27, a week ahead of schedule.


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