Sunday , August 14 2022

SpaceX's most powerful rocket has a new name


JakartaElon Musk announced that the candidate for the world's strongest rocket is standing SpaceX, ie. BFR, has a new name. This can be seen from your Twitter account Twitter personal.

"Changing the BFR name to Starship," he wrote.

"Technically, there are two parts: Star ship is the spacecraft or the upper part, and Super Heavy is the rocket that's needed to escape ground gravity well (no need for other planets or the moon," he continued. In addition, he also declined the news that his party is strengthening Falcon 9 to become "Mini-BFR". The development concerns the ability to re-use the missile.

"We have just accelerated (creating) the BFR," he said before announcing a new name for the world's strongest rocket candidate.

One interesting thing, a man nicknamed Iron Man, said the next version of this rocket would be used to travel between the stars. This means that the Star ship can reach the Solar System in the future.

Until now, the strongest rocket title of all time is still held by Delta V. This rocket was used to land the Apollo Moon, and left in the 1970s.

While the strongest active rockets belong to Falcon Heavy. This rocket slipped first when she brought Tesla Roadster and Starman figurine into space.

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