Sunday , May 22 2022

Tesla Electric Car crossed the planet Mars

[ad_1], NEW YORK – After a nine-month voyage in space, the Tesla Roadstar electric car and the statue of the Starman dummy, sitting behind the wheel, got into the orbit of the planet Mars.

Notification Living science, On Sunday (11 November 2018), a red electric vehicle that has been transmitted to space by Falcon Heavy, a US Space Space company, SpaceX in February, has now passed through the orbit of Mars.

Tesla and SpaceX are two companies founded by Elon Musk, a young well-known eccentric entrepreneur. "The current location of the Starman hotel, another stop, a restaurant at the end of the universe," explains SpaceX on Twitter, complemented by a track diagram of a car.

Starman and the red Tesla car will not be on Mars forever. Looking at the chart that SpaceX posted on Twitter, it seems that the car will return to the ground and the Sun.

In 2091, Starman and his car will be several hundred thousand miles from Earth. It is estimated that the car and Starman will return to Earth or Venus in the next few tens of millions of years.

According to scientists, the car has a 6% chance of falling on Earth for about one million years and a 2.5% chance of falling into Venus at the same time.

Source: Okezone

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