Thursday , June 30 2022

Winning the Thomas Cup, Fajr / Ryan does not want to continue


Jakarta, CNN Indonesia –

Indonesia Men’s Doubles Fajr Alfian / Mohammed Ryan Arduino hopes to win China in the final Thomas cup 2020 (Thomas Cup 2021) is proof that they do not want to be a voting partner.

Fajr / Ryan, who played mostly in the second round in the preliminary round, are now selected for the first double of Indonesia in the Thames Cup final.

Fajr / Ryan replied that Indonesia successfully added Indonesia’s 2-0 advantage over China to Cirrus Arena in the Thomas Cup final on Sunday (17/10) at WIB. Fajr / Ryan successfully defeated Chinese duo Hee Tung / Zhao Hao Dong 21-12, 21-19.

In a PBSI release said after the dawn match.

“I’m happy that I was able to offer a win. This success is very important for us not to be a back-up couple. It adds to our confidence,” said Ryan Woolpack.

In the Thomas Cup final, this world’s No. 7 couple always wins from the start. Both are visible and solid.

Meanwhile, opponents who are not actually the same are often ignored against Fajr / Ryan attacks, especially in the first game.

“The opponent is also not the same, we are very confident of defeating them. Chinese doubles are an odd pair, so the rotation has not gone away. Of course we take advantage of this opportunity, “Fajar said.

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In addition to being confident, Fajr / Ryan also claimed to be calm even though the opponent managed to lower their score.

Ryan said.

“Our investment is to focus on playing from beginning to end. Thank God we can apply the game and win strategies, ”Fajar said.

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